I am so very sorry for your loss. Your mom  sounds like a special lady. I lost my dad 9/13/13. We were all by his side too. He too was a fighter. I so hope they find a cure for this horrible disease. The loss can be unbearable. Sending you prayers at this difficult time.


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So very sorry for the loss of your mother. Sending prayers for the painful and difficult time you are enduring. My dad passed away 3 weeks ago from this horrible disease. I understand the grief. May your heart find peace.

Katheryn I am very sorry for the loss of your husband. Sending prayers for you and your family at the difficult time. My dad lost his battle with CC 3 weeks ago. I pray for peace in your heart with your loss of your husband. ♥


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Tammy I am so very sorry for the loss of your dad. He must have been very special. I lost my dad 3 weeks ago to this awful disease. I understand your sadness. Sending prayers for you and your family.

Lisa I am so very sorry for the loss of your special mother. This terrible disease took my dad 3 weeks ago. I understand the pain. Praying for you and yours at this difficult time. ♥

I am so very sorry for your loss Elsy. I understand the pain. My dad died 3 weeks ago from this horrible disease. Sending hugs and prayers for you and your family at this difficult time


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I have been on this website almost 3 years when my dad was diagnosed with CC. It is with heartfelt grief that I share that my dad lost his fight a week ago today. He was so brave and positive. We had him at home and he passed with his family at his side.He beat the odds of survival time and for that I am grateful. It still does not take the pain away of the loss of this special man. I love you dad. You remain my hero. If I can be half the person you were, I will succeed in life. I remain a daddy's girl forever.♥


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Yes Willow. I think you have to redirect frequently. It gets so frustrating, but I feel lucky that after 2 years he is still going strong. As we say. ONE DAY AT A TIME!

My dad worked in the automotive industry for 50 years.He was exposed to a lot of chemicals in the paints and other chemicals.We wonder if that is where he might have gotten it. : ( I am very sorry for the loss of your dad. God's blessings for peace. Kathy


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Have not been here in a while.Just touching base on my dad's progress. H
e is back on the gemcitabine every other week.He had a break and the cancer grew some.He had another 3 cycles of treatment.Another PET scan and it showed a decrease in the activity in his larger tumor, but 2 small new spots found nearby.Not sure how to feel about that.Gain some and lose some I guess. He is a survivor for 2 years last month.He is doing well except when the chemo tires him out. He is such a fighter and still plans on trying to beat this. I think his attitude has helped his survival.I worry about his spirit though because with each PET scan he gets more discouraged.This takes such a toll on us all emotionally and we need to try and redirect ourselves so that we can focus on the positive. I know you all understand what I mean.


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My dad is having the same problem right now also Lynn. His platelet counts seem to go too low for chemo to be done every week. we just try and go with the flow praying that what he receives will be enough to do the job. I know a lot of chemo patients that this happens to. Hang in there. Dad is going on 2 years and holding strong! God Bless.


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I have not written a while.My dad had been off of chemo for a few months.He just started another cycle of gemcitabine today.After his break from chemo the cancer became more active.: ( He has been feeling well off of the chemo.His spirit  was down for a while, but he seems hopeful again.It has been almost 2 years he has had the cancer.I know that he is breaking a lot of milestones, and prayers are the reason. He just believes that one day he will beat this. I need to get myself back into this mind set. He was on Cisplatin and gemcitabine for the first 6 months.It started to shrink fast.It was great.Then the side affects and he took a break.Then they tried an oral chemo and it gave him neuropathy in hands and feet. Now they are trying the gemcitabine alone.Has anyone had any similar experiences and if so was there further shrinkage? I am just looking for some more hope and positivity. : (

Prayers are being sent my friend!!!



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AWESOME!!!!! I hope this so much for my dad someday.He is going to the Seidman cancer center in Cleveland!!! Good news indeed Neighbor.Cause for celebration!!!!!

What great news Anna!!!! I so love hearing this news.We are from the same area.My dad goes to the Seidman cancer center at University Hospital in Cleveland!!! His oncologist is Dr Nock. He is going on 21 months and doing great!


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That is GREAT news!!! Keep fighting and living your life!!!Looking forward to hearing about your next marathon!!!!

My dad is going on 21 months since diagnosis and doing GREAT!! He is taking a break from chemo right now. He goes back in November for another PET scan and they will go from there again.The ONLY symptoms he had has been from the chemo!! He has been working on finishing his 46 Ford Coupe!! I feel so BLESSED to have him doing so well and know that the prayers have been working. IN YOUR FACE CANCER!!!!!


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My dad has been getting treatments of cisplatin and gemcitabine since last March.He had really positive response to it and the tumors were shrinking.He started to get some side effects and the oncologist had him take a break over the holidays (since october).Over that break his cancer increased in size again,but only slightly.Dad is so discouraged. sad He has always been so positive.He will be starting on oxaliplatin and capecitabine for his next treatment.Anyone have any experience with these and what were the results in terms of success? Just reaching for anything right now and trying to keep him positive and informed.He feels great other than when he is on chemo.Thank you.Kathy

Just wanted to share the good news.My dad had his second PET scan since starting chemo 6 months ago.Since chemo started his mass has shrunk from 8.9cm to 5.3.very happy with that.They will present it to the surgical board again.He may still not be a candidate for surgery but the oncologist wants to try.The oncologist is amazed at the good response to chemo!!


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That is fantastic!! thanks for sharing the good news!

That is such Great news!! Enjoy your vacation!!!

My dad's platelet count and HGB have been low from the chemo.Does anyone have any good suggestions for foods that might help increase platelet production and anemia?

I just had to share our wonderful news.My dad had his first PET scan since he started chemo 3 months ago.His tumor had marked improvement!!! The tumor went from 8.9 cm to 7.5 cm.He will continue the next 3 months of chemo hopefully shrinking it more.He cannot get the surgery as of now because of location, but his oncologist says we will not give up that possibility.I am so happy.He has been a real trooper and needed this encouragement.Thankful for a good doctor and the answers to the prayers that were sent up.

That is such Wonderful news!!! My dad goes for his PET scan since chemo started soon.I am praying for just as good news. I hope your husband continues to respond and get the surgery he needs!! God Bless.