Oh, I forgot to tell you all where we live.  We are in Cortez, Colorado.  The Four Corners area.  Dad's doctor is in Durango, CO but he has been to Mayo Clinic in Phoenix for his stent placements and more recently for roto-rootering of stent.  Phoenix, Albuquerque and Denver are the closest large cities to where we live, but we will send Dad anywhere to be treated by someone who says "I can do that". 
Thanks again for all of your suggestions.  Finding this resource is a blessing for sure.

Wow!  I am so thrilled to see that so many people replied to my post!  I haven't been back to this website since I submitted the question because I thought I would get an email if someone replied.  Imagine my surprise to see all your caring and great advice today!
Thanks to all of you.  I will be looking into all of your recommendations ASAP.
Blessings to all of you.

My Dad was diagnosed a year ago and has already outlived the best predictions of his Doctors.  He is not feeling sick, as a stent is keeping his bile duct open successfully.  However, a recent PET scan revealed that his tumor is growing again.  The Oncologist in our small town says his cancer is inoperable because they can't take out a person's bile duct.  I am wanting another opinion because I have seen from people's posts on this website that many people are living after having their bile duct removed. 
Thanks for any suggestions,