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Minkzy, thank you for sharing your story.

It seems that our situations are quite similar and it is lovely to hear you talk about times with your sister so fondly, even at the most challenging of days. It seems you shared a very similar, close relationship with your sister and the ability to pick up each others spirits and comfort each other even when things look desperate. It sounds like your were an incredible support to your sister and you shared that unique level of understanding for each other that can often been found between siblings.

My only sister died of BDC at the age of 27 last August, less than 6 months after original diagnosis. She too put up an amazing fight, never gave up and kept very strong throughout treatment.

The loss of a sibling is irreplaceable and something I can sincerely sympathise with. While I am truly sorry for your loss, thank you for posting; it is of some comfort for me to hear of someone who has been through a similar situation and is so positive. I feel like the grief will be a very long journey which I am only just beginning, but that is perhaps a topic for one of the other forums.

Thanks again, your sister sounds like an amazing woman and I wish you the very best.