My dad hardly speaks now because its painful for him to speak and swallow. Anyone have any suggestions that might help with this?

Wanted to give s quick update on my dad...
In mid-March fluid started to build up in his abdomen and his Oncologist wanted to discontinue chemo because he felt my dad wasn't responding to the drugs. The oncologist changed his mind and suggested my dad try different chemo - 5-FU & Erlotinib.  My dad did two cycles of these drugs and they have almost killed him. He has gone downhill fast since starting these drugs. Today we decided to discontinue all treatment and focus on comfort alone.  My dad's lost so much weight. He's just skin and bones right now. He barely eats. Only leaves his bed to use the bathroom. He's so weak and lifeless. We now see it was a big mistake to try more chemo. He has no quality of life.
We have Hospice coming tomorrow to get him registered and all that.
He's been getting his belly drained every week and they've been taking out about 8 liters each time.

My dad went through something similar.  He built a tolerance to Morphine and had horrible and uncontrollable pain for a while.  He was put on Methadone and Oxicodone for break-through pain.  These drugs made him high, sleepy and totally out of it but it did control his pain.  He was eventually weaned off the Meth and Oxy and put back on Morphine.  His tolerance to the Morphine seems to have gone away after being off it for a couple of months.

Good luck to you, hope your mom can find something that helps her.


Best wishes to your husband.  I hope his surgery is a huge success. 

We're hoping my dad's tumor(s) have shrunk enough after chemo for him to have surgery as well.  Is your husband's surgeon Dr. Gary Shwartz at Sloan-Kettering?

Again, best of luck to him.


My name is Aida and I have been frequenting this site for several months now but this is my first post.

My dad (54 years old) was diagnosed with CC in Sept 2010.  He underwent a few weeks of radiation therapy shortly after his diagnosis.  Since October he has undergone bi-weekly chemotherapy treatments (Gemzar & Oxyplatin).  His last chemo treatment was this past Thursday & Friday, however during his Friday infusion my dad began to have a reaction to the chemo and they had to stop the infusion half way.  After being admitted in hospital it was discovered that my dad had a lot of fluid in his abdomen (4.5 liters to be exact).  To our shock while my dad was in the hospital awaiting the procedure to remove the fluid his medical oncologist sent word through the attending physician that he's discontinuing his chemo treatments and referring my dad to Hospice because he feels he's given him the best drugs and its not working.  This seems like such a rash decision to us.  We're obviously going to be seeking a second opinion but was wondering if there are some factors that led the oncologist to this decision that we're not aware of.  Since he never came to see my dad to explain his decision we're left confused as to why he's stopping his treatments when no one even knows what caused this isolated reaction.

Any thoughts from someone who has had more experience with this disease?

Also, we live in Michigan and are in the process of searching for a new oncologist.  Does anyone in the area have any suggestions?  We're even willing to go out of state if we found the right oncologist.  Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.