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Wondering if anyone has had experience with weightloss and using TPN to get proper nutrients via IV?  I have had several people suggest it for my husband.  Has anyone used it with their treatment?



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Thanks everyone.  Glad I joined... have been reading the site for 2 years.  Joolz-I must say, you kind of took the wind out of my sails this morning.  While I have already been in touch with the Visiting Nurses and Palliative care (since my husband is on a morphine pump, it was required), I am not ready to "plan for hospice" and thankfully neither is he.   We'll know when or if it becomes time.  Until then, one day at a time and enjoy every single one of them.


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My husband has been on 5FU since October.  He is on a 48 hour continous infusion every other week so he wears a "fanny pack" for 2 days.  He has had little side effects.  Some weeks a little tired, other weeks a little nausea, but nothing too bad at all. 

I think what I have found is that living with cancer causes bouts of depression...  some days I can handle anything, other days I want to crawl into a hole and never come out.  But, you don't crawl into the hole and you get through the day.  Keep thinking of your family and how much you love each other.  Remember how strong you are... after all, look at what you just accomplished!

How old are your kids?  Mine are 18 and 14...  it's been a tough couple of years but they are remarkable. 


Hi Ahna,

Dr Roger Jenkins at Lahey Clinic in Burlington Mass.  He is AMAZING. 
781-744-2500.    I would at least call and see if he will review the scans for you.


In March 2009, my amazing husband and best friend, Arty, was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma.  Within 2 weeks, he underwent surgery removing a tumor the size of a football from his liver.  After he regained his strength, he began aggressive chemo treatments (gemcitabine and oxaliplatin) to try and kill any cancer cells that were left behind.  In January of 2010, we bid farewell to a long, grueling and exhausting year and looked forward to a new start.  Arty was done with treatment, was feeling well and had even returned to work and the gym.  Life was getting back to normal. 

However, in April of 2010 during his routine scan, the doctors picked up on some markings in his lungs.  Although they didn