While on this website, I saw the video regarding the foundation.

WOW!...It was said in the video that Thailand has a very big amount of people diagnosised with Cholangiocarcinoma. mad
March of 2005 I traveled to Thailand, stayed for 10 days. And in August of 2006, I was diagnosied with colorectal cancer, stage 2.

But what scares me, in August 2009, at stage 1, I was diagnosied with this cholangiocarcinoma....Hmmm...Is that the reason I got CANCER?

Mostl likey it is no, but makes me think anyway. hmm
cool Here it is February 2012, I'm 57 years young, I did reseach online and read everything about cholangiocarcinoma...I still think at some time it may come back.
Untill then I will live my life with a good attitude ...
I'm still standing and wish to help where I can...looking for any wlaks/runs...relay for life in regards to this disease.
God Bless all and keep your head to the Sky... big_smile

Hello everyone,

I was diag. 8/17/09, had chemotherapy, I believe 6 sessions.  sad .
I actually tolorated pretty good.
big_smile  To date I am seeing my doc at (Dr. Kim) City of Hope, Duarte, Ca now once a year.
I had a little problem with a cyst in my pancreas, it was removed during an endoscopy and was cancer free, done in June'11.

I do get pain once in awhile, makes me nervous, but everything always turns out just fine.

I feel good and 8/17/12 will be 3 years...There is hope. I volunteer now at The City of Hope

Mary...Oh, I always say if you have a good attitude and believe in prayer, sometimes it helps...it did for me.


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I wanted to also to say...we all have doubts and fear of a return, but for the mean time...enjoy every moment when you are feeling GREAT... cuase when the time comes and a return is looking at you in the face,...FIGHT-AGAIN...that's all we can do...


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Hello My name is Mary D.
I was diagnosised 8/09...had surgery (resection liver), also had chemo- cistplastin/gemzar ....
I am happy to say I am still here and feeling good. I do stress that one day CC may return, I am due for a triple phase liver CT in May'11...I have pain at times in the same area, but I am told it is the scar tissue that causes the pain.....Still I worry.
I am now a volunteer at City of Hope in Monrovia, Ca. and Hoope to some day work at least part time there.

I believe it is all in attitude, as I am always told that...So with prayers and keeping a good outlook in life and listening to music helps