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Hi, all. I know I've been absent but between all my naps I've been busy looking for a new place to live and working.
Anyway... Four of us met in NYC for lunch today. 2 were there for treatment believe it or not with Dr. Kemeny. They both say she talks to them. So I guess she just didn't like me!
Anyway, here's the pic! Hoping to do an overnight next time they are in town and enjoy NYC for an evening before they have to go for treatment.


I was using boost in my smoothies but it's pretty high in phosphates. And since my phosphates are high, it got cut out.
I think of you, too. I hope you're doing well.

Well... Results of scan #2 on the trial. Mostly stable or minimal shrinkage. Nancy of you know this part... It seems I gave small nodules on my lungs and my kidney. Too small to determine anything at this point, so that's hopeful. But they were there last scan and not reported! Ugh! I hate lazy radiologists. I know many gave had nodules for years, but it was still a bit of a heart stopper for me.
I am still on the trial. My phosphates are getting lower, but still high. My blood counts were low, esp. WBC, which was extremely low. But my onc said she's willing to wait and see...
Overall a positive report, I think. Major side effects are lots of reactions to foods, esp fruit for some reason. So my main source of nutrition has become an issue....


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A little Facebook birdie says its your birthday! I hope you have a wonderful one! And that you celebrate through the weekend.


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Oh, yeah my body is letting me know it! Bilirubin is still within normal limits, but barely. And alkaline phosphates is sky high. My care team had to discuss with the trial sponsor to keep me in the trial.
Thanks for the info on your mom. Hopefully it only lasts one night for me.


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Third update for me! I'm now enrolled in another clinical trial with Dr. Nevena Damjanov at Penn Presbyterian Abrahams Medical Center. It's a longer drive, but in 8 weeks it's working!
And I still get to see Dr. Denlinger at Fox Chase every once in a while so I'm happy. Dr. Damjanov is a very caring onc, too. I feel like I've known her longer than I have.


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I had my first of many (God willing) stent replacements today. The pain is minimal... A wonderful change from the first time. But my throat feels like someone took a hacksaw to the inside of my throat.
I layed down for a nap, and the acid reflux-like symptoms started again. I DONT have acid reflux.
Does anyone else have vomit in the back of their throat after this procedure?

Thanks Marion.
I got the results from my first official trial ct scan and the results are really good! All areas have shrunk. Of course we are measuring in millimeters, but I'll take it! One of them was 2.1x1.6 now 1.6x1.3. So pretty substantial shrinkage.
Also on the report are two new items. I now have ascitis. And there's an undetermined lesion on my spine.

I had my first "official" ct scan yesterday. I get the results Thursday. I DO know that unofficially, one of the areas in the crowd of stuff is smaller. I also know the lesion on the right of my liver, remote from everything, is unchanged. Of course, this is from a scan while I was in the hospital, and nothing was measured.
So I wait until Thursday to find out the official news.
My phosphates have been out of whack. Not sure why. But I'm on a low phosphate diet. Anyone who knows me knows how hard this is... I LOVE my cheese and pizza!!

I'm sorry about his bone lesion. Hope the rod is successful and comfortable. Good luck with the gem/Cis regiment.
I have my first trial ct scan on Monday. Then I have to wait until Thursday for the results. I do know from the last hospital stay that one area shows shrinkage. I also know that the lesion on the right bottom of my liver looks exactly the same. The doc in the hospital let me see the ct scans.
I sure hope I beat the average of 6.5 months. The last trial I blew the average out of the water! I believe the average for that trial was a year, and I did 2.5!

I'm sorry tom is off the trial. I hope the onc and Dr. Javli can come up with a great new game plan.
6.5 months? That's all? So I have 5 months to go... I'm actually planning on being one of the longer lasting patients. My last trial I had everyone by about a year.


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Love it! Very funny. Sad, but funny.

I'm sorry. I got out last Tuesday. No real idea why I spiked a fever. There was infection starting in my duodenum so that must have been part of it.

This is getting old! I spiked a fever Thursday night and was told to go to my local hospital for blood cultures. I really figured I'd go home that day or the next. Nope. I got my first ambulance ride Fri night when they transferred me back to Penn Presbyterian. The local hospital had a ct scan done, and sent the disc with me. Unfortunately, they don't read discs on the weekend. So I was getting antibiotics this weekend, but they stopped them today. I was hoping to hear something from I.r. Today but unfortunately I didn't. So I wait. I've run out of things to eat on the menu!

Ashley, many mutations cross cancer lines, especially in the gastric area. And cc is basically colon cancers brother or sister. They are very close, according to my surgeon they are more closely related than cc and liver cancers. In my original biopsies, I had a breast cancer mutation. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore.
I hope Tom improves enough to get back on the trial. Have you discussed lowering the dosage? My onc says it's a possibility if this stupid stuff keeps up. I hope the biopsy shows a mutation compatible with Keytruda or Obtivo so Tom can get on that if he has to leave the trial.
Try to stay positive. It works!


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Have a wonderful week!

What great news about Tom! Although I'm sorry about the bone lesion. I guess is was lucky with radiation... I just had a little nausea and tiredness, but it was manageable.
I've had a tough time since starting the drug, but I don't believe any of it has to do with the trial. I had a blood infection and then horrible reactions to the antibiotics. 10 days total in the hospital, but I went to the one affiliated with my new oncs office so I could continue the trial while in the hospital. Finding approved drugs was unbelievably difficult.
So far, since I finished the antibiotics, I'm not having any bad effects. Of course, I'm only on week 4. I had a cat scan while in the hospital, and I believe I have another one in 4 weeks. I'm nervous, as only one of the 3 new areas was biopsied so I don't know if all of them have this mutation. I sure hope so!
As far as the 300 mg daily... My onc said they have the option of lowering the dose if needed. Maybe you need to do that for a few weeks so he can build his levels back up? It should be an option, at least. And, yes, chemo drugs in our system continue to work for a while. So although I understand his concerns I hope he doesn't worry too much.



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I'm so sorry to read this. My prayers are with you.


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I was released this morning. Yay!! Stazi is sooooo happy to see me!! She is pretty much glued to my side.
I don't go back down until thurs. I'm sure putting a lot of miles on my car!!


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I'm back in the hospital since the iv drugs didn't bother me. No pills today = no vomiting! Although it's been close a few times.
And to answer Marion, no, fluids don't stay down either. It was pretty scary the first round because there was red. Then I remembered I had some watermelon!


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OMG!! These antibiotics are kicking my butt! What little I eat is coming out of both ends. I've got to get something changed in the antibiotics dept. Or I'll probably end up back in the hospital for dehydration.


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I got my walking papers at 5pm last night. Yay! Stazi is being very clingy (for her). She actually walked onto and settled in my lap!
I couldn't wait to get in the shower, but gave her some much appreciated brushing and petting.
They haven't figured out whether I have an abscess or not, but are going to cautiously watch it. They have me on massive antibiotics. I never have reactions, but I AM NOW!! I think I've lost 5 lbs! Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good.


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The blood infection is no longer growing in the cultures. So that's one thing down. Unfortunately the cough is getting more productive. I now have a pleural effusion. Again. We're gonna work on that then deal with the liver. The attending doc stops by every day. Today I asked him if it would be a drain or a needle aspiration. He looked at me and then called me Dr. Jacobson. lol
He's not a radiologist so he can't answer. That's for a radiologist to decide after I get this cough under control.
I feel fine, and wish I could go home, but I understand the need to keep me here to heal. I had a couple of visitors today. I now have 3 caps and a scarf to cover the hospital hair!


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The infection is called seraschia (spelling is probably wrong. I did phonetically)
The team was just here, and I'm not too happy about part of what the attending said. There's an area in the liver he's unsure about, but he thinks it's an abscess. He mentioned a drain. That concerns me. I'm hoping we can come up with a different decision.
I'm on the antibiotic to fight that specific blood infection. I can't take levaquin on the trial. There's a list of Nono drugs. Everyone worked very hard to come up with a plan to keep me on the trial.


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I just can't seem to catch a break these past few months. I guess I shouldn't complain, since for most of the 5+ years I've been battling this monster I've felt pretty healthy.
I'm making up for it now! I'm in the hospital with another blood infection and not sure what else. They've been running test after test. I'm a pincushion! They can't draw blood cultures thru the port so since Tues I've been stuck 6 times! And I don't have that many veins left! I'm not sure if my one vein got blown or I just got a hematoma. We shall see.
I've had a chest X-ray, ct scan and lots and lots of medical personnel visiting me. When I do something, I do it BIG!!
I've been spiking a fever of 103. So far today it's only been 101 so I'm hoping something is going in the right direction. But I have this horrible cough. It's strong and takes over my whole body. But nothing is coming up. So they are stumped. Tested me for the flu: nope. Chest X-ray shows a possible pleural effusion. But I don't remember a body shaking cough when I had the first P.E. Between the coughing and the fever, it's been fun. I need housekeeping to come change my bedding as I soaked it ALL last night. Right now I'm sitting in bed on top of a blanket.
They keep asking if I have pain when urinating: nope. Does my abdomen hurt: only where they placed the stent. I know EXACTLY where they placed the stent, even a month later. My urine is very dark and it STINKS! So I was worried there's a problem with the stent, but I don't itch and my total bili is still 1.4. So I don't even have a guess.
I've never been NED in all this time, but basically I've felt much healthier than my docs have said I was (except for chemo!). In the last few months, I've actually felt like a person with cancer. I feel this need to get my affairs in order. Just in case. Stazi is my first priority. I don't think it's fair to leave her alone like I've been doing. My neighbors feed her, but it's not the same.