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Thank you all for your care and support. My dad passed away on 17th May after battling hard through the last stages on this cancer. Ascites (water formation in stomach) and acute pain throughout the day was really testing his nerves as well as ours. After the pain of last few weeks, we feel it was better for him to leave this world and live in peace in another world.

I would continue to visit this site to provide any help I can to other patients suffering from this highly dreaded form of cancer.

Take care


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Thanks Marion, I will post further updates.

My father aged 62 was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma about 3 months back. As the cancer had metastasized, the doctor doctor couldn't perform surgery (hepatectomy) to remove the tumor. He sugegsted Chemo, now he has been on Gemcite chemotherapy for 2 months (4 sessions) and after that came a rude shock. The CT scan showed that the tumor had in fact grown in size from about 6x5.3 cm to about 10x8 cm. This is when the chemo drug was changed to a tablet called Xeloda. This was very strong on my father's body and he almost stopped eating, became very week and almost stopped getting up from the bed. So, we had to stop the chemo altogether.

Although there doesn't seem to be any other hope, we heard of a doctor in Mumbai trying T-cell immunotherapy. Has anyone heard of this and how does it treat this cancer? http://drrajput.co.in/2011/04/anti-cancer-therapy/ The treatment is expensive and I doubt it covered by our Insurance. So, we are not sure what to do next. Of course in India Ayurveda is always a hope for anything, so we will definitely try that.

Let me know if anyone has heard of this T-Cell immunotherapy.

Life with cancer is a daily battle but seeing other people's comments about fighting it out definitely improves your strength as well. Let's keep this social network alive.

Sanjay (Bangalore)