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hello everybody

Debbie lost her battle with this horrible disease this past Thursday. " 7/14" I will be praying for all of you and thanks for your support and prayers.



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Thanks Kathy, I talked with the doc the day after your post and he gave her pantoprazole 40mg. She has not belched or vomited since. I wouldn't say she hasn't been nausea, but not to the extreme. thank you...


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hey Jesse,

I am pretty new at this, but my wife did the same thing and her billirubin would not come down after they put the catheder and the external drain. They put in a larger one after a couple of week and it started working... My thought was why didn't they put in the larger one first.


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Thanks to everybody... The docs vcisit was fine, a radiation treatment although we had a sick night. It aleays seems to be the early evenings and night when she is nausea. I don't think she has ever been sick during the day, at least I don't remember one. We have another radaition and chemo today. hope that goes good. one other thing; she has a slight twitch in her hands and her eye hand coordination seem worse at times?

thanks again


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Thanks Lainy... my name is Joe.
We tried several meds for the nausea and at fiest you would think it was working and then she would be sick. I read about a different one on here the other day and when we go to the docs I will get some. We have not talked about her bag filling with air yet. We go to the docs today. We are in Savannah Ga and we are going to memorial hospital, anderson cancer institute. She has never liked dairy products and does not have much or any. also when she belches it tastes like beer. Talking about beer she has never drank any alcohol... thanks


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I have been a silent partener since February of this year. I have read alot on here and other sites on the web. Still having trouble getting around on the site, but learning. We are still struggling with the prognoses and as you all can imagine we are having good days and bad ones. I did write Kim on her personal web site to get some information about Dr. Kato... this is what I wrote Kim; 

I have read several of your post to other with this terrible disease. My wife of 37 years was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in February of this year 2011. We have been in the hospital several times trying stents, doing biopsies. The doctors have been great, I'm just not sure of their experience with this cancer. She was too sick to go anywhere else, at that time. We finally had an external drain that was working, the second one. We also had a blood infection from the bile. We have that under control now and I think we can try to get a second opinion. You said in one of your posts that Dr. Kato would look at the MRI, CT's that they have done here and give his opinion. I know our doctors would share them as they have told me that they would when we trying to go to a large cancer facility, like I said before then she got so sick the doctors said we needed to something now.

She is 53 years old and was healthy until the day she was diagnosed. She has two tumors. The tumor does not appear large to me, the docs just say it is inoperable because where it is. They say it is wrapped around the main blood vessels that feed blood to her lungs, legs and trying to remove it would kill her. She is in her third week of radiation and chemo. The radiation is 5 days a week for 5 weeks and the chemo is one day a week for the same 5 weeks. After all the treatment and after everything settles down they will do some more imaging to see how we did with the treatments. I think then I would like to get another opinion before they move to the next treatment. how can I get our doctors to send the images to Dr Kato?

we are now complete with week three Chemo and radiation. She "Debbie" gets nausea and it is hard to pin point why... We will alway do the exact same thing and then all at once she will get sick. She has a lot of gas and the drain bag filled with air the other night? have not seen the doc since then.