Hi Gavin,
Indeed I mean insulin potentiation therapy. I went to this site:

I did contact a couple of local practitioners and learned very little from them directly. I understand how theoretically it's supposed to work but I cannot find any evidence or scientific studies. I was hoping to find a cholangio patient who has tried this.

My logical side tells me that if IPT was really that effective, then its' discussion and availibility would be prominent and widespread. What I have heard is conspiracy-type chatter that drug companies don't want IPT promoted because that would cut into bread and butter chemo drugs. I just don't believe that. It's essentially lower dose of the chemo, and I think think drug companies would pioneer the way if IPT proved to be effective.

So if any cholangio patient or caregiver has direct experience with IPT, I am keen to listen.



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Thank you to slittle1127, Nancy246, Lainy, and Gavin for the warm welcome. I look forward to interaction and discussion with all of you.


Hi Everyone,
I've gone through the discussion forum and I don't see enough on IPT. Has anyone had experience with IPT that has been truly effective? Any doctors you can recommend? I would appreciate any feedback or response.


Hello everyone,
My brother was diagnosed with CC year and half ago. He has tried various chemo regimens (Gem/Cis, Gem/Ox, Folfiori, Tarceva) but none has proved effective. Currently he is on GTX and there is some response. But the side effects are devastating.

So, I'm here to find a) Ways to minimize side effects for his treatment, and b) Find other alternative treatments. I look forward to interacting and conversing with many of you.