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my name is anne rowan, and i was diagnosed with cc in early fall of 2009.
i have had a resection of my liver and gall bladder removed, but 3 tumors
reappeared in 2010. i then had chemoembolization 11/30/10.  a scat scan
done this march showed the tumors were reduced, but a new one is
present.  the oncologist said there was nothing more he could do for me.
his final words were,"go home and take the trip of your life."
surely there are other options for me??????
the cancer centers of america will not take me because i am on medicare,
and i can't afford to go to md anderson.
i have called cancer associates of columbia mo, but so far they have not
returned my call for an appointment.
i'm curious about possible medications that might prolong the inevitable.
i feel very healthy, i exercise, and play tennis. i just turned 70 years old, and i'm not ready to give up!!!!!