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Hi everyone,

My name is Megin and my mom has cholangiocarcinoma. She has been fighting this terrible disease since April 13, 2009. She is such a fighter! I have been on this site several times browsing but have never joined any of the discussions, partly because its hard to talk about my moms disease an another reason is it makes it REAL! My mom has undergone chemo and radiation and has traveled back and forth to the cancer treatment center in Philadelphia for treatment. She is now in the hospital in jacksonvile and has been for the past 2 weeks and her mental status has steadily declined. I am hurting so much right now and it is hard to go to work daily and keep a smile on my face. My mom is 52 years old and i am so angry that all the years I thought we had may never be. I want my mom back....I am so sorry to be selfish. I just hate to see her suffering.