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Is this the clinical trial you are referring to? … amp;rank=1


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Yes thank you Marion, that is very helpful.


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Hi PCL1029,

I am looking in to clinicals that add one or more targetted therapy agents to chemos like you said. Ertlotonib etc. When ask local oncologist about possible clinical trials and targeted therapies, they have no suggestion of which may be relevant, what tests may be appropriate etc. When we went to Johns Hopkins the doctor mentioned clinical trials that they have going on there, but not those that are going on elsewhere that may or may not be more appropriate. So it seems that for clinical trials, it is something the patient has to do all the reseach themselves. So that is why trying to figure out how to research, determine which may be most likely to help. Or are there resources, other doctors who could do this kind of research and recommendation for us?


Thank you Marion. My heart goes out to Kris and his family and loved ones.

Has anyone had CSRA testing done to help find most effective chemotherapy drugs?

@devoncat have you continued with targeted therapies? Any helping more than Avastin?

I am reviewing clinical trials that my father may be able to take advantage of (age 69 stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma). Is there any guidance you can give on evaluating which are most likely to be effective in combating cc?


@PCL1029, his oncologist is planning for a PET scan in about a month, after a round or two of treatment with Gem/Oxaliplatin. We certainly are hoping for an improvement. The doctors have not said whether extrahepatic or not. The terms I have heard are adenocarcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma. They originally thought it was pancreatic cancer.

Are the CA19-19 less reliable indicator is extrahepatic?

@Lainy, my father is 69 and has stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma  (metastasized to liver, lungs). Part of my concern is that oncologist is quite delicate in her approach to explaining the disease. At the last appointment I attended with my father, she expressed concern that CA19-9 has risen to 27,000 but did not go in to detail that I saw in operative report from a recent attempted ERCP because there was significant tumor involvement in the duodenal bulb encasing bilary stent

My father started with Gemzar and Cisplatin and did well initially with CA-19 getting down to 450. But since Sep. 2010 has been increasing and the latest results show CA-19 at 27,000. He has not shown interest in any clinical trials or alternative therapies. Have others experienced this? I don't know whether to try and coax him to look at additinal options. Sometimes I wonder if he realizes how serious his condition is now.

I saw that presentation by Dr. Javle 4/12/11 "Cholangiocarcinoma Update" on this site. I was confused regarding what targetted treatments are available now outside of clinical trial. The presentation suggested Erlotinib, Cetuximab, Bevacizumab, but my father's oncologyst said none are available except as part of a clinical trial.
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