I met with Dr. Schwartz and his colleague Dr. Royaie, I agree, they are the best out there when it comes to liver surgery!  Mt. Sinai also gave me excellent care when I was there

Ok, now that my hair has grown back and the wicked Tarceva rash has disappeared........I walk into the pizzeria near my home last week and what do I hear from the owner..........
"Wait, u look familiar.............oh my God, your the sick girl!!  Wow, u look great since the last time I saw you, you looked terrible then"
He looked even better covered in Pepperoni and pizza sauce and the Dr. Pepper I threw at his big greasy head.....((no, I'm not sensitive smile)
Love and kisses,
The sick girl

Good one! 

Peter wrote:

BC&BS on refusing to pay the $5,000+ bill for the anesthesiologist during my 10 hour surgery.

"The surgeon could have done it himself."

(The hospital was dumbfounded and a year later BC&BS paid the bill)

Ok, the final word from my oncologist..........re: nausea.

Before each chemo treatment, I am given a small IV bag of Decadron, and a push of Aloxi into the chemo line.  So far I haven't vomited from chemo, and its been over a year.  Just wanted to share with everyone whats worked for me.

Alex and I were speaking the other day.........and this came up, I thought this topic would be a good start for the humor board.

Here's my favorite "magnanimously moronic comment", said by the raidologist......

"Don't worry Tricia, liver biopsies generally are not painful at all"  LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


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When I lost weight the doctor put me on Megase to gain back.

Hi there!

Stacie is correct, I've had 2 successful embollizations,  ithe details are lot to write down, but feel free to email me at audiodoc10@aol.com if you want to talk some more about them.

God bless!

Aloxi is the anti nausea drug they give me (via IV) what they give me when I get chemo, so far I've never gotten sick from the chemo.  I did get your email Kelly, I'm sorry I havent written back, I was in Utah visiting family over the weekend.


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I'm so excited to see this, great job!!