Does anyone know who would be the best doctor to choose for colangicarcinoma surgery. This is for my mother who was diagnosed about 2 weeks back. She has a blockage found in the right lobe and needs to be operated on the earliest to prevent any spread.

Any advice will be very helpful. We are from India and are in new york only for her treatment.


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I needed some urgent help in identifying the right hospital and doctor for my mother hepatobiliary surgery in new York. Just about 2 weeks back we have found that she has her right duct blocked and it is a case of colangicarcinoma. We live in India but for the surgery we decided to come to new York as our doctors said here the expertise level is very high. Now we are confused as to which surgeon to choose.  We have met dr. Yuman fong  who is a hepatobiliary surgeon and oncologist at sloan Kettering. Second doctor we are meeting is dr. Jean emond at Columbia hospital, he is a hepatobiliary and liver transplant surgeon.

I am requesting to seek help in assessing whether to go for a hepatobiliary surgeon with expertise is oncology or liver transplant. Secondly, any one knows between these 2 doctors who is more known for cc surgery?