I am sitting in moffit in Tampa,fl right now as my mom is having her "dry run" to see if the thermosphere is gOing to work for her. Please let me know how your mom did. My mom was diagnosed about a year ago been through gemzar treatments. Recently had a pet scan that revealed possible metastasis to her liver. I am hoping for the best today!

My mother was diagnosed about a year ago.  She has Klatskins Tumor which is non-resectable.  She has had internal/external biliary drainage tube pretty much the whole time since diagnosed.  For the past 2 months she has had undiagnosable fever.  My thought is infection is come from having the internal/external drainage tube.  Stints are not an option for her but I think I recall one of the first Interventional Radiologists telling us of a tube that could go directly from the liver into the small intestines?  For drainage.  Please let me know if anyone else has heard of this.