Hello - Thanks to everyone who posted a response to my Mom's inquiry about the benefits of chemo after major Liver resection.  She has since seen 4 different oncologists in the Washington DC area and like that old joke, has received 5 different opinions.  Two of those opinions - which I must mention came from the 'older' physicians - included fairly lengthy course of 5 day week radiation possibly including chemo such as Xeloda or 5FU  -

Has anyone who has undergone a 'successful' Liver resection with seemingly  negative margins also had heavy duty radiation??   Does it make sense to radiate the entire region of the surgical site without a known tumor??

This question - of radiation + chemo   vs. chemo alone has us all very confused.

BTW - The MDs who recommended chemo alone - one suggested Gemzar + Cisplatin the other recommended FOLFOX - any feedback on the chemo is certainly appreciated as well.

Thanks again.

MomfromtheBronx's  Son

Thank you to everyone who has posted a response to my inquiry so far.  My Mom is seeing 2 oncologists in the upcoming weeks (@ Georgetown + Hopkins) so I will soon have more info regarding the protocols they recommend for her.

Again, if anyone else is kind enough to respond to my post please include the details of the drug regimen you were prescribed and if you felt it to be beneficial. 

This information will help us assess if my Mom is being offered a standard CC drug regimen.

Hello - First Post on this Site -

My Mom was recently diagnosed with CholangioCarcinoma and during the second week of April 2011 she had a major surgery (9 hours!!) to remove half of her liver, gallbladder and a number of lymph nodes in the region.  The post-surgical pathology report confirmed intra-hepatic CC in the Liver and 2 of the nodes were cancerous as well.

My Mom is 65 years old, vibrant, generally in good health although she does have managed Diabetes and she had been a life long 'light' smoker (5 cigs a day - although, of course, none now).

While the surgeon was quite positive about the outcome of the surgery ('I took out everything I could see') he wants to put her on Chemo ASAP.  She is recovering nicely from the surgery, very slowly regaining her energy and her ability to care for herself although with a good deal of post-surgical pain.

If anyone can provide information about Chemo post-Liver Resection I would be very, very appreciative.  Details would be very helpful - Meds, Dosage, Frequency etc. 

Moreover - BENEFITS!  Will the chemo help save or extend her life??

The last thing I want for her is to suffer through the effects of chemo with little effect on fighting the remaining cancer.

Thanks in advance for your time in answering my questions.  Feel free to contact me directly through this Site.