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Dear Mary and Lainy,

Beautiful said and heartfelt by many.  God Bless You Both.


Dear Desiree and Pam,

I lost my 32 year old daughter 2 1/2 years ago.  I soooo understand your pain as I read your posts.  Even now, it is still hard. 

What I can say to you is that you are not alone…that through grief somehow you will grow as a person…that there will be day when you realize for just a moment, you 'forgot", and in that moment will be a mix of regret and relief.  And those moments will come more often.  And your heart will form a bandaid.  And you will smile when thinking of her instead of crying EVERY time.  And the "why did this happen?" will not be as painful.

If there was some way I could reach through this computer and wrap my arms around you both, I would.  You will survive.  I did, and I did not think that possible at one point.  I re-found God or I should say, God touched me, and helped me get through the day to day, sometimes hour by hour.  You will be with her again and what a beautiful reunion that will be!

God Bless You Both.

Susan, Harmony's Mom

It has been 2 years, 6 months and 17 days since this awful cancer took you away. I still can't believe it sometimes.  Your voice is captured on my cell phone and I let your son listen to it so he will not forget the sound of you.  I hear you call me "Mama" at times when I am half asleep.  God gave me one beautiful dream of you to ease my broken heart.  This is how I know HE lives, and so do you.

I will love you forever, my Beauty, and can't wait to see you again. 



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Thank you all!  Your kind works of support are sooooo appreciated.

We had a "Celebration of Life" ceremony for her yesterday, as Harmony did not want a funeral or memorial service.  It was spectacular!  So many friends, family and colleagues spoke of her resilient spirit and her need to live her life AROUND her cancer.  I can only hope that I will be half the gal she was if I am ever faced with a similar challenge.  I sure do miss her.



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Dear All,

Some of you may have known Harmony from blogs on this site.  She asked me to post for her upon her death but she slipped away from me so fast that she didn't have a chance to leave me her words.  So...I will leave you mine.

My beautiful, 32 year old daughter, Harmony, lost her fight with this awful cancer on Saturday, April 30th.  She was married with a 5 year old son.  Harmony survived 19 months after diagnosis - she was my "warrior", and an inspiration to everyone who knew her.  Throughout her battle, Harmony continued to live her life, (being the best mom she could, continuing to build her relationship with her soul mate/husband, and actively working as an accountant,) firmly believing that this crappy disease was not going to control her life.  And it didn