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to:Jules from UK
  Between June and Dec of '03, I rec'd 12 trtmnts of Gemzar and Cisplatin.Generally,
they were 6-hr. infusions,primed with Kytril and Decadron to ready my system for     
possible nausea/'rough ride'.Thankfully, I experienced only 5 min. of nausea for the ENTIRE course.At the time I was a fairly healthy and active 54-yr old--non-drinker/
non-smoker/blue-collar physical worker, maybe 15-20 lbs over my ideal weight.I k
tried to (and still do) pay att to my diet, with emphasis on avoiding greasy/"heavy"
foods, late-nite eating,over-eating.The nutritionists emphasized "grazing"---small,
slow,easily-digested meals  5 or 6 times a day.I had to yield to a little "cancer-fighting" ice cream!!Daily exercise--especially walking---is essential.Mental and spiritual exercise is also irreplaceable.This was a good start in treating my cancer,
and I have subsequently had stereotactic(high-intensity/highly  focused and accurate)
radiation and am now doing oral chemo.My "D-Day" actually was D-Day--June 6th,
2003.That also coincided with Nat'l Cancer Survivor's Day!!!!!What  karma!On June 10th,we met with a chaplain/counselor and she asked whaat my diagnosis date was.
June 6th, I replied."Well then, you alredy are a 4-day survivor!!!"God, how true...
I am grateful today and EVERY day.
   I also have been involved with a 12-step recovery group for years, and that is a large part of  maintainiing  my attitude.And, I have been fortunate enuf to become involved with Reiki.I first rec'd Reiki in infusion, then went on to take the course--
up to becoming a 'master' and VOLUNTEER.Full circle!!!!Early on, I heard a woman say:"Cancer is NOT a sentence---it is ONLY a word!"Bon Chance and God bless,Tim.