thanks for the trick with Pear juice. My mom has not been able 2 go 2 the bathroom for days and i am going to try the pear juice. do you'll have any advice to help with someone who has no appetite and don't want to eat much (my mom has finished up her chemo and stuff but she is in such bad health now; she is losing wt. crazy like over 60lbs. and is so worn out)B-4 my mom was diagnosed with cancer, she was so active, has been a nurse for over 30 years. she is only 52 and i feel as im losing my Mom, best friend, and Hero.. we are so close i now don't want 2 leave her side, i don't want 2 work , or nothing its consuming my life with fear. We was told her is stage 2 and has not spread. therefore, this is very confusing? Please i will take any advice i can get!!!


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What is Ur mom doing to keep her wt. on? my mom has lost sooo much wt. and has no appetite to even eat. I will take all & any suggestions that you have to offer. PLEASE help me!!