Hi, I found your website doing some research.  My ex had stage II rectal cancer 3 years ago, all PET Scans have come back clean. 

When he was first dx a CT scan did reveal a badly diesesed gall bladder that needed to come out but everyone ignored it and took care of his cancer.  If I am not mistaken, the wall thickness is now a 13.  Now here we are 3 years later and he has been told that the mass on his gall bladder is most likely cancer, he has a spot on his liver as well.  Noone has told him if this is a primary cancer or mets from his rectal cancer.  I have never heard of mets to gall bladder. 

The bad part is his doctors told him they will just go in take out the gall bladder take alook at the liver and thats it.  Yet noone has told him he is terminal or explained how serious this is to him. 

What about Chemo, radiation etc?  He cannot even have surgery for another 3=6 months, becuase he will loose his job if he takes more time off.  I just cannot believe his doctors are not doing anything more.  He is in alot of pain, has to wear diapers because he has diarreah so much and is very thin.   He is not eating much, he is only 43.