Thanks for sharing!!  So it looks like this study says adjuvant chemo and radiation did not help.   I know that is a hot topic around here.

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Will do.  Is this another Oregonian?

take care,



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Lots of support headed your way!  Keep us posted on how she does.

Take care,



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Thinking of you during this difficult time. I have always been thankful for all of the information you've provided us.

God Bless.


Great news!


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UPMC is a pretty good cancer treatment center.  I had my resection at UPMC Passavant by Dr Geller.  He and Dr Marsh are excellent.  I think they work with Dr Tsung.

Interesting.  It is noted on here that follow up post resection does not effect outcomes.  Does that mean they don't recommend routine imaging post resection?


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So, in my case she chose Gem/Cis instead of Gem/Ox because if increased risk of neuropathy with Gem/Ox.  But that was 2 years ago, different data may be available now.  Plus I never had chemo before.  If you already had Gem/Cis, they may be trying to switch it up a bit as cancers become resistant to chemo over time. I would probably trust their recommendations as well, but it's your decision to make.  I guess you could always try the Gem/Ox and if experience bad side effects can switch??  Take care.  So glad to hear you are doing so well.  This chemo will be over before you know it!



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Did she say why she is choosing that regimen as opposed to gem/cis?


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My tumor marker went up during radiation.  Not that high, but it did go up.

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Thanks for looking out for us, Lainy!!

Yay!!!!!!!!  Thanks Marion!


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I had a resection with negative margins though one was close.
3 major medical centers all recommended chemo to me.
1 recommended radiation, 1 was against radiation and 1 said although they are not currently recommending adjuvant radiation to their R0 patients, they understand why it was recommended in my case and were not against it.
The reasoning I was given  for adjuvant therapy is to go after any microscopic cancer cells that may still exist.

Good luck with your decision.



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So sorry to hear you are going through all of this. Thinking of you!



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Great Lisa!


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Congrats!  Thanks for sharing!

I asked my oncologist about aspirin.  She said she puts colon cancer patients on it but it's not proven for CC.  I don't take it, but I think about it.

Take care and thanks for sharing!



Glad to hear it went well.  I think strictures can be pretty common.  You had radiation, right?  That was one of my biggest concerns with radiation.
Glad to hear you are still cancer free.  Take care!


I hope she is well.  Thanks for sharing the article!


Great news!  Get well soon!



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Great news!


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When is the showing?


Best of luck with your surgery.  Although, i didn't get it at OHSU, I did have a resection and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
And I was a nervous wreck going in for surgery.  My fears were mostly around questioning if I was doing the right thing because they didn't know my tumor was cancerous until surgery.  So, I feared I might go through a big surgery for something that wouldn't bother me in the future.  Turns out, surgery was the right decision!

Take care,


Great news!  Enjoy your trip.


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Wow, great!  Keep us posted!