This morning's Worcester Telegram and Gazette contained a very promising article regarding the use of patient's immune cells to shrink tumors in a cholangio patient.
Here is the link to the article, which was written by a New York Times reporter. … 99806/1116
I know that this is a very preliminary finding, but any news in this regard is helpful and hopeful.

Such great news, Pamela!
I have been closely following Lauren's journey, and am so pleased to hear that she is doing well ... stable is good!

Keeping you all in my prayers ...

Terrific news ... so glad to hear !!
Keeping Lauren in my prayers .... go, shrinkage, go!!!

Pam --

As the mother of a child who suffered from cc, Lauren's story has touched my heart. I am sending prayers and buckets of positive thoughts and energy  for Lauren!

Keep on keeping on ... hold your head up high keep going!
You are correct doesn't know who it's messing with !!

Please take care-


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Hi SweetGreen --

Our son was treated at Dana Farber by Jeffrey Meyerhardt. We felt he was a wonderful, capable, and compassionate specialist, who developed a tremendous rapport with Christopher and our family.

Sending best wishes...


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Sugarplumfairy --

I understand totally what you are going through.  I experienced the same feelings watching my 25 year old son deal with this disease, and being brave for all of us.
I could always see in his eyes the pain he was in -- It broke his heart knowing that he would never see his newborn nephew grow up ...

If I've learned anything from the experience, it's to live in the moment ... that is what kept our Christopher going.

Sending best wishes to your family ... Be strong, believe in the power of prayer, and Never, Never, Never Give Up!

Please take care-


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Our son, Christopher, was diagnosed with cc on May 21, 2006. He was an EMT, just completing his paramedic studies, he was an on-call firefighter and everybody's hero. He was 25 years old.  He fought valiantly, never giving in, and lived life to the fullest, yet lost his battle on June 27, 2008. We miss him terribly...

Some of what I've learned:

-- cherish every moment -- do not think only of the future, we do not have a crystal ball -- live in the present!

-- learn as much as you can about cc. Don't bury your head in the sand, as I did. I had a difficult time even reading the info on this site! I think it was my way of coping.

--  above all, never lose hope -- believe in the power of prayer -- believe that miracles can, and do happen!!

Never, Never, Never Give Up ...


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Sending prayers for Lauren ...

Dear lchase --

I totally understand the situation you are in ... Our 25 year old son was diagnosed with inoperable cc and treated at Dana Farber. His doctor was Jeff Meyerhardt, and we found him to be terrific -- very knowledgeable, and he developed a great rapport with our son Christopher.

You will feel enveloped by love from the moment you set foot in the building. 

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers ...