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Greetings all-
My dear friend has cholangiocarcinoma--I don't know the stage, only that the tumor is also "on the liver" and is not operable right now.  She had chemoembolization and is now undergoing traditional chemotherapy.

She is only 42 with teenage kids, a wonderful, supportive husband, sister/bro-in-law, parents, fantastic church ladies, and a host of friends all in town. That's the good news.

We all want to help and are struggling with the how and what. They don't want to or won't ask and we are not mind readers.

Can anyone give me some ideas of things we can do to help them out or anticipate needs?

Suggestions for helping teen-agers understand and cope?

We struggle with the balance...we want to help but not hover. We want her/them to have privacy, independence, and control but not to be afraid to ask for help or even just someone to be there.

It's such an odyssey.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!