My mother's recovery after surgery was pretty good. My mom is 63 would go to the gym everyday before she was diagnosed (Just as a background).
She was up and standing the day after surgery.
Walking the next day (outside in the hall) nothing crazy.
The sent her home by day 4.
She wasn't up and walking around her apartment until about day 6.  It has been 3 weeks and she is still pretty tired but back at work.  She was in excellent shape before the surgery and they kept telling her that is why she recovered so well.
The first night back from the hospital  was tough. My mother was having a lot of pain and not doing well with the pain meds. Major nausea.  She slept on the recliner for the first couple of nights home because laying down was not good.
By day 7 she  changed to just advil to manage the pain which was really good because then her appetite came back.  2 weeks after the surgery she was feeling a thousand times better. She would get reflux and gas but found it better to eat smaller meals more frequently.  Overall, she is doing really really well. Everyone is different.  The important thing is to listen to your body. good luck with everything. --danielle


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I am sure he is listed on here. 
Dr. Myron Schwartz 
Mt. Sinai Hospital , NY City

He saved my mother's life.


I just saw your post.  My mother was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma a week before mother's day. 3 weeks ago she had surgery to remove the tumor as well as part of her liver.  The Dr.'s name is Dr. Myron Schwartz with Mt. Sainai in the city.  He was absolutely amazing.  She is NED (no evidence of disease) now thanks to him and his partner.  Dr. Fong was also one of the DR's recommended. They both have excellent backgrounds.  Good luck! My thoughts are with you!!! --Danielle