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Hi Maggie, i called him yesterday but he was had surgery schedule.. he did reply to me in email today that he is willing to treat my dad so thats good... He mentioned to ask local doctor if fit to travel... Did your mom have an oncologist too or directly go to Dr Liu?
Thanks and god bless/Wendy


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Hi Maggie,
Thank you...
I have sent email to Dr Liu with PET scan and MRI results..
Initially we also contacted Dr Thomas Yau, medical oncologist, hepatobiliary from HKU.. Have you heard of him? How about Hongkong Sanatorium & Hospital - what is your comment on this as someone mention this to my mom?


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Hi Maggie - in addition, may I ask how old  your mom when she had surgery, my dad is 72? And do you have estimate how much surgery cost in HK ? Thanks again..


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Hi Percy - I will communicate with my sisters regarding this new information.. Do take care..

Hi Maggie - glad that your mom is doing good.. what kind of cc your mom had and what type of surgery was performed? Do you have to order PSK from Japan or can we get it from Asia or from US? Is Dr Liu also from the Univ of HK? Does he have email address so we can send him results for his review? Thank you so much.

Hi Gavin -- Get well soon and take care!


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Sorry I wasnt able to respond soon..
My dad is in Chinese Gen Hosp.. From what i know he started with Meropenem as the antibiotic, Nexium for the internal bleeding + 2 other which i cannot remember the name.. The bleeding has stopped..
I might be giving brandnames instead of generic names..
Currently, the Meropenem was removed and replaced with Tigacyl... that is the only IV left.. plus tablets - Nexium, Fluimucil for the phlegm, potassium and he is having nebulizer too as he has cough.. we are taking herbal too - mushroom essence..
Theres a little swelling on arms and feet and bouncy, bloated stomach... and he eats very little too...doesnt feel like eating sometimes and probably doesnt taste good for him... we do give him soft foods..
And they re-did bloodwork on him before he started on the Tigacyl...
I'll ask what is the source of the infection....

Thank you for all your help and god bless...


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Hi PCL, i hope you are well and thanks for making the effort to do some calls...
I have 2 contacts that i got.. one is the Dr Thomas Yau Univ of HK that you mentioned and one is Dr Khei Siong Khoo at parkway cancer center at Gleneagles.. Dr Khoo response is that curative surgery is possible but have to be assessed as there are FDG changes in lung (not sure what is FDG)
Over the weekend, my dad had some complications again.. I travelled to Manila last minute over the weekend... He is on anti-biotics for the infection as he had chills with temp rising.. and also some medicine as he had internal bleeding.. the bleeding has stopped but the blood results are not good with these IV's.. His creatinin is going up everyday and his WBC and platelets are also rising.. The doctor plan to stop as it is worsening the blood results.. So we really dont know.. We are letting my dad take some herbal medicines too..
I will still contact Dr Yau on what he says too...

I really dont know what to do.. Is there any other way to prevent sepsis without use of antibiotics?



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@Lainy , thanks.. I will call Dr Gores office again tomorrow to follow up, and hopefully I can get information..  Take care....


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Hi PCL1029, where are you based?
Thanks for the info.. I saw this on the website and emailed the doctor you mentioned from HK
http://www0.hku.hk/medicine/staff_perso … Thomas.htm
and my sister also mentioned Parkway Cancer Center in Singapore; so i also emailed the doctor
http://www.parkwaycancercentre.com/abou … -kei-siong

Take Care/Wendy


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Hi mares311, I am wendy and my dad was recently diagnosed with cc ..
PCL1029 recommended me to talk to you as you may have insights on what works and what kind of treatment and which places are known to have expertise on this area (in Philippines or somewhere in Asia like HK, SG, ?)..... my dad is based in philippines too...
If you dont mind, where did your brother have his treatment and what kind of treatment?


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@Hi Lainey, im actually in US; but my dad is in Philippines.. so i talk to my sis daily.. they went to visit a local satellite office of modern cancer hospital guangzhou (from china) and they said its stage 2 and extrahepatic and my sis also mentioned its in common bile duct....I am not sure if i got the whole picture on diagnosis...The doctor recommended local chemo (which they say wont affect other organs) and bio immunization and we have to go to Guangzhou, China for 30days.. We also sent his results to Fuda cancer hospital also in guangzhou but still awaiting for their recommended treatment.. Do you have members who are in Asia and any place they went to have their treatment?
On my end here, I saw Dr Gregory Gores from Mayo-Rochester from the web and sent my dad's result just to inquire about treatment options so I am waiting what they say...
Right now, we havent decided or know what is the best option.. I also know we couldnt wait too long as the earlier we treat, the better..

@Gavin, Thank you for sharing... you are right, it just freaks you out not knowing what is happening..

Take care/Wendy


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Thanks Marion -- noted... 
I have also searched on "chills" and from what i understood, if it involves elevated temperature then it means infection ??

So thankful for this site..


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Thanks Maria and Gavin for sharing your information... My dad was asked to do additional bloodworks from one of the hospital we inquired..
My dad had chills last night but is ok now.. Is that a normal symptom?

Take care/Wendy


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@Maria - thank you, i will check that out.. Its difficult and confusing on what to do.. what is your treatment plan?

@Gavin - from the report, its a 10cm french 10 stent inserted (plastic).. which is better- plastic or metal? We dont know yet what treatment option.. How is PDT?

I hope both of you are well.. Take care and I will keep in touch, thanks again...


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Hi all, this is a good website for a disease where you dont find much information.. My dad was recently diagnosed with cc ... he went for a check up when we realised yellowing of his skin... he underwent blood chemistry which shows a high level of SGPT
his hepatitis profile shows that he doesn't have hepatitis...
he then underwent an ultrasound that shows possible gallstones
after, he underwent endoscopy and June 24, he was admitted to the ICU due to sepsis
He has already recovered from sepsis and underwent MRI as well as PET scan... They also installed a stent..
Right now, we are trying to alter his diet but couldnt find any specific diet to follow.. Can anyone share their diet plan, recipes, etc.. Thank you so much.. /wendy