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My father was a heart bypass patient and had a complete lab panel & thallium heart test 2 days before his diagnosis. All were normal, including his heart functioning. Because he had been complaining of shortness of breath, his PCP ordered a chest xray that showed multiple tumors in both lungs, which is what led to his cancer diagnosis & eventually his death. When his PCP called, he told my mother repeatedly, "I just can't believe this, all of his labwork is normal. I just can't believe this." His Drs were attributing his complaints about his symptoms to his heart condition and since his labworks had been repeatedly normal, they were basically brushing him off for months & when he was finally diagnosed, it was already too late. Dad's cancer was already stage 4, metastasized to liver, pancreas, both lungs, heart, esophagus & all lymph nodes, but his labwork was still normal.

Good afternoon, I'm Jennifer in Alabama. My father was diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma on March 18. He received his first dose of chemo on April 5, was admitted to the hospital 3 days later in renal failure and his breathing began deteriorating. He passed away on April 17. The biopsies were inconclusive on the primary location of his cancer so we requested an autopsy. We've just received the final autopsy report & it has been determined that his cancer was cholangiocarcinoma based on the largest tumor being located in the bile ducts. His cancer had spread to the liver, pancreas, both lungs, esophagus, heart & all lymph nodes. We suspect that his cancer was caused by one of the drugs he was taking and are curious to find out if there are others that could have been taking the same medication. I look forward to sharing with the CC community. Thanks!