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Thank you so much for your encouraging words and for sharing your own experience.   It means so much to us.  And it helps so much. 


Jim Wilde wrote:

Adamaria, welcome and sorry you had to find us.  You certainly have a difficult situation.  The good news is surgery present the only sure 'cure'.  The bad news is the surgery is a big one.  I would be inclined to find the best surgeon you can and let him assess the risks and present them to you to decide the next thing to do.  I'm no youngster, but survived a 12 hour resection about two years ago with a world class surgeon, Dr Tomoaki Kato, a real overachiever.  The surgery was done at NY Presbyterian in NYC.

Good luck in your quest.


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I am so glad to have found this site.  My dear Mother was diagnosed with bile duct cancer this May 2011.  We were told that the cancer is confined to the bile duct and has not spread anywhere else.  She wants to have surgery to remove the cancer.  My sister and I are really worried about this as our dear Mom is 80 years old, is very weak, and has dementia.  The thought of her undergoing surgery and the recovery is so hard.  We've  heard that chemo alone does not work well with this type of cancer.  I think that's why she wants the surgery.  Our hearts are breaking - we would appreciate any experiences or thoughts.

Thank you, Adamaria