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I have been reading and using this site for the last 1 year and 5 months to gather info and find hope for my mother who was diagnosed with CC in April 2010.  On Friday September 23rd my best friend and mother(Penny Sajdyk) lost her battle to this terrible and unforgiving disease.  I can not thank all that post here enough for support and information on how to help our loved ones navigate through thier journey.
I am relieved that my loving mother does not have to suffer any longer but will miss and love her forever.


Feel like you are telling my story.  This is my first time to post although I have gotten plenty of info from this site.  My mom was diagnosed in April 2010 and is determined to fight this to the end.  She has been on several different types of chemo over the last year and 3 months...I am concerned that she is taking a turn for the worse.  She had 3 small lesions on her lungs as well with the initial diagosis but over the last two weeks developed fluid build up around her lung which has hampered her breathing.  They drained the fluid and as of today put in a plurea cathather to keep the fluid from building up as this would most likely have re-occured.  Not sure what this actually means in terms of prognosis; the doctors don't ever reveal anything. It's very frustrating and heartbreaking all at the same time.  She will continue with chemo in a week or so, she is certainly a trooper. My father is not dealing with any of this very well(angry and almost in denial of everything that is happening) and my brother although 40 sounds like your 18 year old brother(oblivious to it all) The one thing that amazes me as well is how much of a fighter she is thru all of the this.....always polite and never complains to anyone no matter how nauseous or how much pain she is in.  I will pray for you and your mother as well to be able to navigate this aweful disease and know that you are certainly not alone.