I had my first scan after resection (June 15) and I have 5 new tumors.  Gem/Cisplatin are not working.  Exploring embolization.  Any advice?

I have had a auto immune disease called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which has caused wide spread inflamation for te past 17 years.  I definately feel that this may be a contributing factor.

I have a connnective tissue disease (MCTD) and am trying to see if there s any relation to my CC diagnoisis.  Does anyone have a secondary connective tissue disease or immune disorder?  Also, any women with CC from Western North Carolina out there?

God Bless!  Sissy

What an inspiration you are!!  I know that God is the great physician.  Please join me in praying for healing.  I need all the prayer warriors willing to pray.  God is so awesome, and you just gave me my faith back when doubt was slipping in.  Thank You!

I read your post earlier and now I cannot find it.  I would like to know what you contribute your survivorship to.  Thank You! Sissy


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Thank you all so much for your input.  All-Star, you have apparently done your research. How interesting that your diagnoisis was the same as mine.  You should know that I am going to badger you for information.  Believe me, the Lord Jesus Christ is the only thing (along with my very supportive family) that has gotten me to this point. Thanks!!

Becky,  It is completely normal.  It is apparent how much you love your Mom.  I understand because I love my Mom the same and it would be devasting to me as well.  Let me try to explain how your Mom is feeling.  I too was recently diagnoised with the same cancer.  I am 46 with two adult children but the fear of leaving them is just as great as if they were small children.  Your Mother is feeling the same way.  Share your emotions with her.  That will give her the freedom to do the same with you.  The two of you can lean on each other during this time and PRAY, PRAY and PRAY.  Christ is the only person that can really get you through this.  Pray with your Mother and ask God for healing.  If you pray giving thanks of all that God has already provided you with, he will deliver healing and peace.  Read James 5: 13-18.  There is power and peace in prayer.  Love in Christ, Sissy


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Hi,  I had a resection on June 15th at Duke Medical Center by Dr. Brian Clary.  He was a wonderful doctor who took a chance and saved my life.  My entire left lobe was removed and a couple of spots on the right side.  A clear margin was not obtained on the left lobe.  He got as much of the cancer as the human eye cold see but not a clear margin.  Therefore I start chemo next week.  I am a 46 year old female that is in excellent health other than Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which I have had for 17 years.  I feel that my connective tissue disease is the culprit of this cancer.  I have taken a lot of prednisone over the years which  probably a contributor as well.  I am fearful of the future.  I have wonderful husband and two children and a loving family that I am not ready to leave yet.  Has anyone had any experience in stem cell treatments?  Your friend in Christ, Sissy