My grandfather-in-law, 86 and in near perfect health until last year's occurrence of Bile Duct cancer, has now found out that the cancer has metastasized.

We are not getting good information from doctors here in Austin, TX. 

I know there is a tumor that is pushing into the stomach and covering the opening from the stomach to the intestines (aka the duodenum).  Last month he had to get a stent put into that opening to try to increase its size, thereby allowing food through.  The stent is made of mesh, so he's on a pureed food diet.

Now that stent is mostly covered again by the increasing size of the tumor.  They are giving us the option of a biliopancreatic gastric bypass, routing the stomach straight to the small intestine (aka jejunum).

They also have found the cancer to have gone into his pancreas.

The doctors are recommending him putting in a port-a-cath even if he does not choose chemo.  Does this make sense to anyone?  Will he likely be back in the hospital during the end of life stages?

My mother died of leukemia.  This is very different than that.  She had no port-a-cath at the end of life.