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My dearest daddy, Grover/Jerry Guthridge died on Wednesday, August 7th after a 2 year battle with this awful disease.  I know I have not posted in a while and I apologize for not updating.  After his stay in the hospital last April we did not expect him to live much longer – he had other plans!  He sent my mom’s sister (a retired nurse) back home to TN telling her “come back in August, we’ll need you then!”  We laughed thinking – he’s crazy!  Aunt Sally returned on August 2nd – GOD and the mind is more powerful than we know!  For that I am grateful.  We had a fun summer – dad’s family from FL to local all get together for the Brickyard weekend in Speedway – and he was able to enjoy some time with us all.

I want to thank this website.  Through this site we were able to meet Sue Crago (6 year survivor) and Cindy Andrews (who we lost in February).  Both have become dear friends during this battle.


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I know it's been a long time since either my dad "Grover" or myself have been on the site but I wanted to let you all know what is going on.

If you didn't know my dad's cancer came back last year after his resection.  So in December he started Chemo again.  On March 15th he had chemo, on March 16th he fell (sat too hard) and fractured a vertebra.  On March 17th he turned 66. 

March 19th his hemoglobin was down to 6.9, he declined a transfusion.  March 26th it was still in the 6's so he had a transfusion on March 27 which go it back up to 8 something.  March 28th, my mom, dad, brother and my family (husband and 2 kids, 8 & 4) rented a cabin for a couple of days of spring break.  March 30th my brother went home, followed by me mom and dad - mom wanted to attend church on Easter Sunday.

Thank the good Lord they were home, @ approx. 4am mom woke up to a mess in the bathroom.  Dad had a horrible case of diarrhea. As she started to clean up he came back in, sat down and then threw up blood.  She called 911 and they got him to the hospital.  His hemoglobin's were down to 4.

Today, April 9th - Dad is still in the hospital and his liver is failing.  There is nothing more they can do but to ease any pain (from his back).  They are inserting a "drain tube" to drain the fluid that is building up on and around his stomach today.  We are hoping to get him home sometime this week.

He is in good spirits.  He is laughing and joking - just like dad. 

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.  Our prayers go out to all those who suffer from this and their families.  Cholangiocarcinoma sucks!



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Sorry I have not given any updates over the weekend!  Once we got him back - minus the mind (I was used to that LOL), my weekend became engulfed by my daughter's 7th birthday! 

Dad is right, I saw him Saturday and he thought he had it together, but we could tell his mind was still not focusing.  I didn't make it to visit on Sunday, but did talk to both him and mom between cupcakes and presents.  By the time I got back to see him on Monday I could tell that, that was my daddy coming back.  We took a walk together and laughed (together and not @ him)!  It was a very nice visit!  I'm back to work now, so I'll have to wait to see him until Saturday, but I'm sure I will talk to both my parents a lot between now and then.

Thank you all again for all your support.  This is truly an unbelievable group of people


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this was may most recent update on his blog - I have my own account HERE, so I can continue to type anything I want - LOL!  I just want to say again - this site is amazing!  You all truly continue to surprise me with all your love and support for our family!  Much love to you all!

well, this could be me last post (on his blog)...grouchy dad thinks he will be able to post later today.  I have a feeling that these is a good chance that he could change his password - hopefully he can remember what he changes it to! 

He is now in a regular room.  His surgeon, Dr. House has been in and loved the color of the bile that is draining from his tube!  His oncologist, Dr. Helft came in and looked over his charts and said "Mr. Guthridge, you're perfect"!   Mom has had breakfast and lunch and the nurse will be bringing in a cot for her latter today.

If any of his posts don't make sense, please feel free to contact me @ hardysuzanne@yahoo.com - I will be happy to translate! 

PS - copy that address quickly - he could erase it as soon as he reads it!!!  LOL

Again - God Bless you all - your love and support is incredible!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Mom and Dad are both humbled by your continued thoughts and prayers.



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Friday, March 2, 201

Long night...I (Suzanne) didn't get a chance to visit daddy until approximately 10pm...he was doing so well that he was being passed up by more desperate patients to be moved to ICU.  We did finally arrive in ICU - he was suppose to be in here for 24 hours...again, he is doing so good they need this room too...he should be going to a regular room this afternoon!

Lots of tubes and cords coming from every direction, but he is doing very well with his breathing exercises and he is up and sitting in a chair right now!

He wants to post...not sure how we feel about that - he's a little grouchy, LOL!  Mom got some sleep - not much.  My brother John and I are here - trying to take care of both of them.

More to come latter.  Thank you again for your continued prayers, love and support.  We love you all!

The family


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tumor is out - they are closing him up now.


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Good afternoon all!  I 1st just want to thank you all for you continued thoughts and prayers - I know that my family is truly blessed to have all of your support!

@ 7.30am this morning (it is 12.15pm now) he walked to the OR carrying his prayer pants.

@ 9.15am a nurse came by to tell us that the laparoscopic part is done, they found some inflammation but the test came back ok - so they have opened him up and are continuing on with the surgery!

I am also updating dad's blog - if you follow that.

I'll try to update her as well - again...THANK YOU ALL - the love that this site offers is AMAZING!

I'm going to start practicing on the Wii @ home!  I plan on whooping some booty @ this Party!

PS - I've already started passing the word around work - hopefully I'll get some donors for Grover (dad) and his "CC Harem"  LOL

not yet, but he better watch it!  Like I tell my kids, Santa is watching!  But that stuff must be good if it's helping mom's feet!

Grover - stop talking about mom's crusty, nasty feet on-line, I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate it!!

xoxo, Mom

Put us down and if you have any flyers you want to send over I will pass them out to my in-laws, to all of my dad "Grover"'s family and our co-workers!  I think we can break that $3000 goal!

Sounds like a wonderful time and I can't wait to meet you all!  I've heard about you both Sue and "Cindy Cubed" - that's the nickname I've giving you Cindy, dad works with another Cindy, so I call you CC Cindy or Cindy Cubed (hope you don't mind)!

April seems so far away but it will be here before we know it!



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As Grover's daughter - he has always and will continue to be an inspiration to me!  His sense of humor has always been on (don't get the two of us together and on a role) and that is one of his many traits that I am most proud to think that I have inherited.

I love you dad - I won't let go!


Thank you!  I am sorry that you have to deal w/this, however you have giving me HOPE!! 

My dad was diagnosed with inoperaly CC in July.  He will start his 2nd round of Chemo on Friday - Gemzar and Cisplatinum, 3 weeks on 1 week off.  on his 3rd week of the 1st round his platlets were too low so Chemo was canceled - so he got 2 weeks off.

Reading the statistics really puts fear and very little hope in my thoughs - but you are a new inspiration to me!  To know that you have, and continue to survive this horrible diease with out resecution is wonderful news to me!

Thank you  - continue your fight and my GOD Bless You and your family!


Congratulations!  May I ask - was your cancer operable?  You are showing me great faith and hope in the future!  My dad has been diagnosed with stage 4, inoperable.

Keep up the faith and healthy living!!


So my dad was set for his 3rd treatment of Chemo today and they did the usual blood work before they got started - it turns out that his platelets had droped to 76.  The doctor came over to talk with him and tell him that this is normal so we are now taking 2 weeks off and will start round 2 on Aug. 19th.

Is this normal?  I trust his doctor, I've just never gone through chemo with anyone and wanted to get any other opinions from this wealth of wonderful information that all of you have.  The vast majority of you have so much more experience with this then my family an I wasn't @ his appointment so, I really don't want bother the Doc. if I can get an answer from those that have possilbly dealt with this as well.

Thanks for you help!



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Well - the Reunion is over and was very emotional to say "good-bye/see you next year" to our family from FL. 

Reading other posts and statistics, I understand how fast this horrible thing moves and am completely overwhelmed.  I really just want life to be normal again, but I'm starting to realize that "this is my new normal".

My dad had no syptoms - He is pretty physically fit and started off just feeling full, a full "I just ate too much" feeling and then he could feel the tumor in the left lobe.

6/1/11 had his 1st Cat scan then the biopsy 1 week later.  On chemo now, praying for miricles!

Good luck!



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Thank you all for your warm welcome into this Loving, yet unfortuante family to have.  I am blessed to have a community/family like all of you.

@Gavin - Gemcitabine/Cisplatin combination sounds correct.  I have a folder @ home with the info on it, just not here (I'm @ work, shh). 

@ Nancy - the doctor's @ IU Hospital here in Indianapolis have explained to us that  transplant would not be possible.  We really like Dc. Helft (our oncologist) and he said, once the "seeds" have been planted that after the long recovery from a transplant the chances the CC seeds will have alredy strated to take over his new liver are pretty high.

We are getting ready for the Brickyard 400 - the Nascar race here in Speedway for any fans - and this has become a big family reunion for my dad's family for the last 17 years.  His brother from FL come up every year with his family (2 sons, daughter-in-laws and 4 grand children) along with the entire Guthridge clan that is local (2 sistters + their families).  It's what I coined last year the "All Guthridge, All The Time Weekend" - 3 days of constant family activities.  Always fun, overwhelming (@ times there can be 30+ family) - lots of laughs and love!  I just can't help to look at this weekend in a whole new way this year!

Again - I'll be in touch and thank you for the support you have all already shared with me.



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My name is Suzanne and my dad was diagnosed on June 20, 2011 with Cancer and on July 8, 2011 we were told that it was Cholangiocarcinoma.  Meet with a surgeon and scheduled surgery for resectable.  After a PET Scan on 2 days later we found out on July 15, 2011 that it is not - it has spread from the left lobe to the right.

Dad has started 2 rounds of Chemo, 3 weeks on and 1 week off, on July 15, 2011 - after the 2nd round we will have another CAT scan to see if there are any changes.

Is there anyone on here in the Indianapolis, Indiana area dealing with this same terible disease?   Where do you go?  Who is your doctor?

I'm trying to stay positive and have faith in our God, I just feel lost!  My parents have been married for 43 years, my daddy is only 64 years old.  He is a wonderful father and the best papa to my 2 young children (6 and 3), I can't magine them not knowing the man that I grew up learning so much from, laughing so hard with and just loving so much.