Hello all.  God Bless all on this site.  We are all grieving or dealing with CC.  This of course is not a site to be at if you could choose.  No offense to the Foundation!!!  I lost my Mom to CC 1 year ago today & am at a loss still.  We were BFF & did EVERYTHING together.  I'm still trying to get over the "wanting" to call her on the phone...I miss her daily & wait til the day we meet again.  It is not fair this cancer took her at such a young age, 64 with young grand children to love & more on the way.  But then again life is not fair, is it?!  If it was we would NOT all be on this forum.  We all struggle why God has brought us here to deal with CC.

Hi.  Just wanted to say thank you & God Bless ALL of you struggling with a loved one with this terrible cancer.  It will be a year tomorrow I lost my best friend/Mom.  It's been a difficult year to say the least.  This website helped with knowledge & strength from all to deal with this cancer.  THANK GOD!!!  I would have been lost with out ALL of you. I think & pray daily for those dealing with a loved one struggling with this cancer.  I pray for a cure.  I make a donations to this wonderful organization when I can, a cause so dear to my heart.  I pray everyday for a cure & always will!!!  God Bless you all! 

Thx Lainy for your input.  This thought has me "wondering" a bunch too.  I know there is a lot of crap we put in our bodies every day, even when we try and not to!  Who knows.....just wondering if any others had CC & been taking actos.  Interesting you got an even more rare cancer than CC!!  Wow!  Hope you stay healthy and it is gone for good!!!  God bless you and your family this holiday season! 

Thx Lainy.  Truly amazing is all I can say.  Merry Christmas and haapy new year to you and your family! smile

I have a great story to tell this Christmas.  My Dad decided to put a few more lights up a few days ago.  He tested them in the basement first before taking them outside.  They ALL worked.  He went out and wrapped them around a bush & when he plugged them in, only a few worked. When he stood back in confusement he saw the lights formed wings!  It is truly amazing.  I saw it.  Mom is here and we know she is- shows us all the time!!  Love you Mom!

I have a great story to tell this Christmas.  My Dad decided to put a few more lights up a few days ago.  He tested them in the basement first before taking them outside.  They ALL worked.  He went out and wrapped them around a bush & when he plugged them in, only a few worked. When he stood back in confusement he saw the lights formed wings!  It is truly amazing.  I saw it.  Mom is here and we know she is- shows us all the time!!  Love you Mom!

Hi everyone.  I have seen that Actos can give bladder cancer, but was wondering if it may have caused other types of cancer.  My Mom was on this drug and was diagnosed of CC that matasized to her liver.  She unfortunately she lost her battle in September.  Just curious how many CC patients have taken Actos, since this is such a rare cancer & there is no family history.  I just would like a "reason" for this unexpected & very devastating cancer!

Thanks Lainy.  I am a believer.  Waiting for my Mom to give me a sign.  We were so close, best friends.  She got me into horses.  We rode together all the time.  We did A LOT together.  Still waiting for her to walk thru the door, look'n for her Grandkids.  She could never be away from my boys too long.  The "lights" were only in the photo.  I would like to frame it.  It is amazing.

Praying for a cure everyday.

Thanks Marion.  Feels so good to donate to this wonderful Foundation!


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Dear devastated.
My heart is breaking for you & your family.  Cheerish every minute!  I lost my Mom 2 months yesterday to CC.  She got diagnosed in July.  Time is precious.  I spent every evening with my Mom when she got diagnosed.  We are a close family, but this has only made a stronger family bond even more.  God bless you and your family.  Praying for a cure every day.


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Mary, so sorry for your loss.  What a fighter!  I know how you feel, just losing my Mom.  She was diagnosed in July & passed 2 months yesterday.  Hard to believe it is already 2 months.  I know what you mean when you say you were a wife and a nurse.  I was a daughter and a nurse as well.  I spent every evening with her since she started getting sick.  Also searched endlessly on the internet and this site for as much info I could absorb.  Her passing was of course awful, but a relief as well.  I really didn't know what to do after she left us.  I was always, this summer, doing anything I could to help her & help her fight this terrible disease.  We scattered some of her ashes yesterday in a beautiful river in SC that leads to the ocean.  She loved vacationing there.  We would all fish & crab on that dock.  It was (& still will be) our family spot.  God bless you & your family.  This site has helped me heal & I know it is helping you too.  Praying for a cure every day.

Dear Margaret.
So sorry to hear of your husband's passing just recently.  Your posts are so lovely.  I just lost my Mom 2 months yesterday.  We scattered some of her ashes yesterday in SC, one of her favorite places.  We will be scattering some more in WI at a northern lake, Keyes Lake.  Her Dad, my Grandpa, had a cottage on it.  I still go there to enjoy the lake, though my Grandpa had to sell it in his later years.  I am from WI, now residing in KY.  I know how important deer hunting is to the men of WI.  They say heaven is unbelievable and I am a believer it is.  I'm sure he is hunting up there right now with other family members.  There is a book, Heaven Is For Real, that is great.  It is a near death experience of a 4 year old.  It helped me a lot with my Mom's passing.  Heaven is real & every bit of wonderful as they say.  Sounds like your husband gave a real good fight.  Awesome how long he battled it.  My Mom found out about CC in July & passed in September.  All too quick for us.  We had a family outing the night of her passing & burned a lot of her cancer stuff.  My cousin took a photo of that night on his Iphone.  He got a beautiful blue light up above us, Mom.  I know it was.  I knew she's around us, but we had actual proof.  Anyone reading this can go to my Facebook page (Pamela Gaska) and see that photo in my album, 1st photo click on. God bless you and your family during this difficult time.  He is around you all the time & in a great place.  Take care.  Praying every day for a cure.

Hello to all.  Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.  It was the first holiday since my Mom's passing, 2 months yesterday.  My whole family took a trip to Hilton Head, SC.  That is "our" family place.  We always rent a house.  We went there also to scatter my Mom's ashes.  That was her favorite place, as well as a lot of my family members too.  We were all planning on moving there in a few years.  Didn't know my Mom would be the one to be there first & by this way.  Glad to say it was sad, but a very spiritual trip.  I know my Mom is in a better place.  It was very healing scattering her ashes in a place she loved so much. 
I am going to make a locket & put her ashes in some resin, so I will always have her with me.  I miss her so much.  Love you Mom.

On a happy note, I have donated $8.00 today from another Etsy sale.  I know it is not a lot, but every bit helps for finding a cure.  I am going to post some Christmas items (jewelry & ornaments) today.  Lets hope I get some more sales-so I can donate more to this great foundation!!

Hi Goodheartedmommy!
Wow.  Small world.  So sorry we had to meet this way!  This is a great site.  It really helped me with my Mom.  Where are you, or your loved one, being treated in Lexington?  My Mom was treated at Central Baptist Hospital.  We found a clinic in Chicago, IL that we took her to, but it was too late.  Her cancer was too far advanced when it was discovered.  I am happy to say I have gotten some sales since I first posted this thread, so The Foundation has gotten some money from my Etsy shop.  I am so happy to give $ and hope some day we find a cure.  I have a lot of UK stuff in my shop.  More is on the way, along with holiday items too.  So good to hear from a fellow Lexingtonian.  God bless you & your family through this challenging time. Praying everyday for a cure!

Oh my-Lainy.  This is amazing.  You know they are with us, but it's true evidence they are!  I know my Mom is with me since her passing of almost 3 weeks ago.  Just waiting for that "moment".  We were VERY close.  Did  a lot of stuff together.  My cousin did capture a photo of her the night of her passing that I believe was HER.  We (all her close family members) were around a fire burning the cancer "stuff" that we had accomulated.  Each family member would say something & then burn it.   It was very theraputic.  My cousin caught "2 blue lights" above the fire looking down on us.  It was no way anything to do with the fire.  It is unexplainable, except that it was my Mom!  There is no other way to explain it.  It was a little freaky at first, seeing that photo.  But it is VERY comforting to know she is her with us still.  I miss her so.  Love you Mom!

Happy to say the orders are coming in & so are the donations!!  Praying for a cure everyday!  God bless all!

Thx Lainy.  That is a great idea about the notebook.  I think I will tell everyone to do that.  I know she would have wanted us to go to Hilton Head.  It will be hard, but she will be there in spirit.  Thanks again!  Praying everyday for a cure.

You are truly a very strong & inspirational person.  Your heart will tell you what to do about the party.  There is no right or wrong way, whatever feels right. 

I lost my Mom 3 wks ago.  Hard to believe it will be a month next week.  My whole family always took vacations together-everyone: my brothers & their significant others, my husband & our 2 kids & my Mom and Dad.  Our special place was Hilton Head Island, SC.  The last time we were all there was a month before her diagnosis in June.  My Dad has planned a Thanksgiving trip there again.  This time Mom won't be with us.  She also wanted her ashes scattered there.  Not sure how that trip will be.  Hope it is not too soon to go there again.  It will surely be a test on our emotions.  Hopefully we will all be stronger by then.
Take care all & God bless.  Praying for a cure everyday.


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Hi Jennifer.
Glad you saw the pic.  I still can't believe it.  Good for you volunteering @ Hospice.  Hope it gives you peace & fulfillment.  I am donating sales in my Etsy shop.  It makes me feel good I'm doing something to help others who are dealing cc also.  Praying every day for a cure.  Hugs.


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Hi all.
I believe my Mom came to visit us on her "celebration of life" party that we gave the week of her death.  She didn't want a funeral, just this party.  She was cremated.  Any ways, we had a fire pit out back of my parents' house that had a fire in it that night.  There was a group Of people sitting around it.  Someone took a pic & caught this unexplainable light-my Mom.  There is no other way to describe it.  It is her.  I wish I could post the pic here.  If you friend me on facebook, you can see it.  It is amazing!!  My name is Pamela Gaska.  I have the photo in my "photo" section.  It is the first one.  God bless you all.  I enjoy these great stories.  Our loved ones may not be with us physically, but there's lots of evidence they are still here with us!!!  Love you Mom!

Marion, this is a wonderful foundation!  It has been a Godsend to me & I'm sure others as well.  So nice chatting with you.  Praying for a cure everday.

Thank you so much Marion.  I got my artistic abilities from my Mom.  She was very talented.  She loved to paint and do other crafty things.  I miss her so much.  Making my jewelry keeps me occupied.  Just glad I can help the foundation.  Some day maybe families won't have to go through the suffering of watching a loved one battle this awful disease.

By the way, this is my website:  http://www.firedandwired.etsy.com
I am not promoting my site, just that I wanted to let everyone know I am trying to raise funds for this foundation!  I feel like I'm doing something towards my Mom's battle, that ended way to shortly, and to other families too.  This is a disease that attacks silently (usually) and makes no sense!  If anything my family has learned, we need to get cat scans every year-even if your insurance doesn't cover it!  It will make up in the long run with all the medical bills that you have IF not caught in time!!!  God Bless All!!  Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am praying for your daughter Lauren, you and your family.  It is a hard road.  May God help you all through this very difficult time.  This is a very great site to find help & answers needed for her care.  Thank God for this site!  It has helped me when I needed it.  Take care.  Hugs to you & your family!!

I lost my Mom 3 weeks ago to this terrible disease.  I have started donating 10% of each sale to this foundation.  The person that has made the purchase also gets 10% off!  It is a win-win situation, for the purchaser & this foundation.  I make hand painted jewelry in various materials and themes.  I want to make a difference to other families suffering with this cancer.  Hopefully some day we can find a cure.  God bless you all!