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I had no help with Hospice.  No pain meds in the end , no one there but me.
When his pain got so bad they shut the door.  Make sure you research these
Hospices - my sister had one that was fabulous  My heart go out to each and
everyone of you I never knew what hit us and maybe if we had found this
site our last 13 weeks could have been peaceful.


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Hi Everyone :  I am new to this blog.  My wonderful husband was diagnosed on
April 20th of this year I buried him last Wed.  Dan was a dentist and Ph.d who could never wrap his head around cancer let alone this one. He swore he would
beat this and until his last breath he would not give up.  I just know tonight in all my anger and lonliness I wanted to hear I am not the only one .  I never heard of this cancer let along the speed at which it travels.  I have two beautiful children who I am praying for everyday that this dreaded disease escapes them. 

I am sorry to say Hospice was not much help to Dan but the Pallative Care team at the Hillman Cancer Center in Pgh was wonderful.  Dan never never never gave in .  That is why I am left with a practice, our home and so many unanswered questions.  As hard as it maybe you have got to talk to your family about your wishes should this not go in the right direction.  Please don't make anyone else have to go thru this.  Thanks for listening Dan wouldn't log on when he was alive he was too scared.  So I am doing it for him.  Thanks for listening it is one of those nights.