Hi Just reading your posts and I feel inspired !!! Even though I am i  Australia, I found this web page  and can't stop reading.  My father in law has just been diagnosed with this cancer. His specialist is on holidays at the moment and we have to wait for him to return to find out his treatment, can you believe that.  The specialist has been treating him for the past 2 years for stomach pains and Eddy has just been diagnosed now. We are just starting to ask questions as no one can tell us much. He has to have a stent put in next week and the bag which is draining his bile is on the outside of his body at the moment. They are going to put the bag inside his body. Dr has warned that he could get infections. Is this common? I have so many questions needing answering and probably sound very uninformed about this at the moment. My questions probably sound silly, but I am sure I will get better aswe go along...??? Anyway, I love reading about the terrific fight that many patients are putting up and it is uplifting to hear about people still fighting years after being diagnosed !! Awesome !!