Thanks to all for your helpful replies.  I will try and keep up to date on the message boards.  Its good to have understanding from people who are having, or have had experiences, similar experiences.

The tumors have spread to her liver and lymphnodes.   My dad has begged mom to get a second opinion but to no avail.  She is at peace with her decision and I am pretty sure there is no changing her mind.  She just wants to enjoy the time she has left without the side effects of treatment.  The oncologist did explain that they can manage any side efeects but she still refuses to even entertain the option.   My concern now is respecting my moms wishes.  I was able to find a good website on what to expect...sort of.  I guess no two people are alike.  Still looking for ways to help my dad. … cer/page13

I am a new member whose mom (63 yrs) has been diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma.  We have been told it is inoperable and she is refusing any treatment (which we are told would have little hope of doing much anyway).  The doctor says she has sometime between a few weeks to six months to live.  After puting in one stent, she is feeling relatively well but the doc would like to put in another or an external drain.   I am fortunate that I am able to be her primary caregiver for the duration. I have so many questions?
1.  What can we expect her quality of life will be and for how long?
2.  Will the extra stent prolong her life or make her more comfortable?

and most important!
3.  My father, who survived a heart attack two years ago,  is having a terrible time accepting my mothers non-treatment option.  We also predict he will handle her death very badly (not that anyone can take the loss of a loved one well). How do I deal with my own grief while guiding him through his?
Thank you for your input!  We are all in shock and don't know quite what to expect.