CONGRATULATIONS SUE!!!! I so look forward to your yearly update. My husband's check-up follows yours and both of you have been truly blessed.  Live life to the fullest.  Hugs!!


Music to my ears.  I don't post often but log on frequently.  Cheers to you and this wonderful milestone.  May there be many more for you and for the other dear people on this website.



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lisacraine wrote:

Nancy and Ron, wow!!!! Congrats!!!!!
Where did you go for treatment ?

We went to Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York.

Just wanted to share some wonderful news.  My husband Ron just received a great report on his five year check up.  He continues to be cancer free and healthy.  He now will only be going for a yearly check-up.  I still have back flashes when we were told by two very well renown medical hospitals to go home and get our finances in order because he had less than six months to live because his cancer was inoperable.  Getting several opinions is a MUST!!!  I keep everyone on this website in my prayers.


My husband Ron just went for his 5 year check-up and got a great report -- still cancer free.  We now will only be going for a yearly check-up for bloodwork.  His CA199 was 9.  When he was first diagnosed, his score was 1,200.  We truly feel blessed and are enjoying life to the fullest.


FABULOUS NEWS SUE  -- Ron is right behind you with 4 1/2 years out cancer free.  Hoping and praying that lots of others will be joining us.

KarenD wrote:


It is so heart-warming to hear your good news!!! 
Also to see that you are from Richmond. We used to live there and actually still have a house in Ginter Park.  The weather must be so nice right now. smile
Did your husband seek treatment at VCU? I haven't heard whether or not they were doing liver resections/transplants there for Cholangiocarcinoma.

Thank you!


Hello Karen,
What a small world.  We actually live in Midlothian just outside of Richmond.  Ron had his surgery at Sloan Kettering in New York.  The weather is absolutely beautiful here now.  Since you lived in Richmond, you probably remember Maymont Park.  We went there today to see all the beautiful flower gardens in bloom and walked around enjoying all the animals.

Take care...

Dianne.N wrote:

Such wonderful news for you and your husband, Nancy!  Congratulations! Gives us all hope!!!!  My Mayo doctor said after 5 years he wouldn't even need to see me anymore (I'm 2 years and 3 months post resection) - now that would be grand!  Does Ron feel before his cc journey began?
My very best wishes to you and Ron!

Thanks for the sweet post.  Ron's doctor feels the same way about his 5 year check up.  He did say he may continue to see him once a year but only to do blood work -- no scans would be needed.  Ron feels and looks great.  He will be 65 in May so I tell him it is time to start slowing down but he does not listen.

Just wanted to share some good news.  My husband, Ron, just had his 4 1/2 year check up and his blood work and CT scan came back great.  His Oncologist said he should be pretty much "out of the woods".  He said if his cancer had not come back at this point, it probably would not -- music to our ears!!!  I have flashbacks of a very well renown hospital telling us to go home and get our things in order because his tumor was inoperable and he had approximately six months to live.   This is a true testament to the need to get second and third opinions.  Our third opinion was the charm and surgery was a success.  I do not post often buy I read the boards weekly and could not have made it through this journey without reading the wonderful wealth of information that this board provides -- THANKS!!



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GREAT NEWS SUE.  This is music to my ears.  Keep up the awesome work.


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Jim Wilde wrote:

Great news ... I'm ~ 2.5 years out from a resection at NY Presbyterian, and still get 'scanxiety' when the CT's come up.

Keep the good news coming!

I know exactly how you feel.  Ron and I both go through that pit in our stomach the week before check up.  He did not have a CT scan this appointment, only bloodwork.  His CA199 was a "10" so I told him he was my perfect "10".  All of his bloodwork was totally normal so we feel very lucky and blessed.

Hi All,

Just wanted to post that my husband Ron had his 4 year check up and continues to be doing great.  He had a resection 4 years ago at Sloan Kettering and we have been very blessed with no recurrences of cancer.

I do not post often but I read this website weekly.  I pray for the folks on this website and think about your posts often.



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This is wonderful news.  Brings a BIG SMILE to my face.



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Just wanted to let everyone know Ron went for his 3 and a half year check up today and his blood work and CT scan came back all normal.  He continues to remain cancer free after 3 and a half years.  My heart goes out to others that have not received good news but just wanted to post something positive.



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I have sat and cried a bucket of tears reading all your posts.  As others mentioned, your writing style is so much like Kris' and it was sad, although heartwarming to read.  What an amazing love story the two of you had and I wish the very best for you.  So hoping that you will find brighter days ahead.  Don't forget to remember Kris when you see the tulips she planted.  She posted once she was planting them so you could think of her each time they bloomed.

Hugs from across the ocean....


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This was so very touching.  I am sure it was Teddy's way of showing and reminding you that you were his shining light.



Make Teddy the biggest plate of food for Thanksgiving and savor every minute watching him enjoy eating it.   Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year as well.  So thrilled to hear his pain level is 1 - 2.



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So sorry to hear about your loss.  My heart goes out to you and I hope for brighter sunshine days ahead for you.  I know you have been through very difficult times.



Your words are so beautiful.  I printed a copy of your post to keep as a gentle reminder when the time comes and I need to read it over and over.  The loving family on our discussion board continues to be such an inspiration to me.



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Lainy wrote:

Kris, remember one thing, what ever decision you will be the right one! There are no words to describe what we all think of you. Cyber hugs and lots of love across the waters as we write.

My thoughts exactly...



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Even when times are tough, you still have the words to uplift others -- what an absolute DOLL you are.  I checked the board twice yesterday hoping for an update.  Glad to hear from you and sure hope the tube within a tube works. 

Hugs, Hugs and More Hugs,


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Jim and Kristin:

Here's hoping for clean scans for both of you.  I LOVE to hear good news.  We still get very nervous when that dreaded appointment comes around.  From the beginning, Ron's oncologist only does one scan a year and then a follow up blood work only appointment every 6 months.  We started out with CT scans but he now does a PET scan every other time.



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Anxiously waiting to see how your surgery went.  Prayers coming across the ocean for GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

Hugs, Hugs & More Hugs,


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Lainey, your following quote made my day.  What an absolutely beautiful thing to say.   You are such an inspiration to this Board and we are all blessed by your devotion to it.

"By the way, one doesn't need a great ending to attain success or to give inspiration. I will keep posting on here as long as they will have me because I love to feel I am helping another CC Caregiver or patient. It's the least I can do in Teddy's honor.  Selfishly, it helps me get through each day as I can just feel all the love and caring flying through cyber space."

Dance everyday like it is your last dance. 

Hugs, Hugs,


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Have a WONDERFUL time in Paris.  Enjoy every minute of your Jimmy Buffet concert.  I will keep you in my prayers for your upcoming surgery.

Hugs coming to you from across the ocean...