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Thanks for all the replies guys.

I had a chat to my dad last night and he has a metal stent currently with another stent inside it (I assume this is plastic).

The cancer was initially found on the gall bladder and bile duct and was unresectable. Over the past year the cancer does not seem to have moved around his body very much, which is good news. This makes me hopeful that as long as we can drain his liver he can kick on for a while longer.

He has had a few different chemos and recently had some radiotherapy.
I have read about PDT which seems to be another treatment we can take. I haven't come accross SBRT so I will look into that as an option too.

Hi all,
I have been lurking here for a while getting info from the many posts here to help us with my dad's treatment. So firstly thanks to all for sharing their experiences and info.
My dad has had a few stents put in over the last 12 months or so to maintain his liver function. Recently he was getting jaundiced and retaining a lot of fluid so they put him in hospital to have another stent 'tune-up'. He has been out a week and the jaundice has not diminished much.
He saw his GP today and his GP said that they can not do any more stent replacements or tune-ups, and that he is basically on his 'last strike'.

I can't seem to understand what is limiting the ability to do more stenting, and reading posts here I see many people have had several stent replacements and or clean ups.

Now I understand there are several different types of stents, and all I know of my dad's is that it is metal. I am going to find out all the info I can about the stent tomorrow from his specialists. So if anyone can think of any questions I should ask, feel free to offer them up so I can ask them.

Through my searching of the forums I have come across those who have had external bags with catheters to drain the liver. Is this the logical progression when the stents seem to no longer work?

Thanks for all the help so far, and any new assistance you guys can offer.