My grandma was 81 and opted out of chemo and radiation.  She also had previous health problems and was diabetic.  She was ready to go and we respected that. 

Support your grandma in her chemo and radiation and you never know!!  There are tons of success stories on here.  the main thing is to be supportive!

Its for sure not easy, but she is much better off now, happy and with the Lord.  How old is your grandma ?

My abuela has past already.  I do appreciate you writing me.  If you have any questions let me know!!!

Senaida Griego

Thank you all SO much!

My abuela was diagnosed with bile duct cancer on July 31st and passed on October 31st.  She was given 3 months and thats what she got.  She was a wonderful giving soul.  She had nothing but two drawers full of stuff when she passed.  She was always giving of herself.  She gave her car away her house and was always buying people things for themselves and their children.  She would make burritos and chili for people all over town.  Her funeral took place on November 4th.  It was packed and beautiful.  To hear how she touched people by constantly helping them kissed my heart.

She will be missed and I dont think anyone can fill her shoes.  She was a great great great women.

Thank you all for your help and support.  I was able to lean on you since day one. … ero-valdez


I know its been a while since ive been online, but I have lost my abuela.  On October 31 2011 I lost my abuela to cancer. 

still painful.

ill be back online later


So today is 1 day after the 1 week after the told us she would be here.  We for sure had our high point and we have experienced having to see her so frustrated.  Shes mad she cant walk, she can't talk, remember, shes gets mad and I feel so bad for her.  That was a couple days ago.  The day before yesterday she told me she was ready to go.  She began to say her goodbyes.  she has told everyone bye a couple nights now.  She said God gave her a glimpse of heaven and now she cannot wait to go.  She no longer is frustrated.  More than anything she is teaching me how to take care of the elderly "mija, pay attention so when your mom gets older you can take good care of her"  she is still trying to teach me things.  She still will make random jokes and has let us know "she is ready"......
her body has become cold in certain areas and can sometime seem confused.
I think mentally and emotionally she is ready her body is just taking its time shutting down......

deep breathes


the days are getting closer and closer! I'm exhausted and drained and she coming to the point where she is ready to go.  Her body is going through the process like a text book.  hard to see but i believe shes ready and I'm preparing to see her in peace!
thanks again !

As the days and nights so I can see the changes.  Her eyes appear very glossy and it takes a lot to make her smile.  She 's been my rock and my inspiration.  SO hard to see her like this sad


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Love and Prayers sent your way!!!

thank you all for your support and words!

I haven't been on here in a while.  This has been a bumpy week.For those that have been following this past week has been really hard with my grandma (she was diagnosed with Bile Duct cancer August 2011), last night she had a noticeable turn for the worse. I have seen so many changes.  She had 2 really good days then the days following were not so good.  She has had swollen feet, loss of weight, not speaking at all, she had a fall, she has had fever and has been very secluded and sleepy.   After speaking with the hospice nurse, they have given her about 1 week to live.  I have had the opportunity to see her everyday for the last 3 months she has been in Austin.  Im planning the best I can as the oldest granddaughter  to be prepared to be there for the younger 13 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.  I don't expect this to be easy, but I'm a strong person.  With the support of family, friends and co workers I know this time in my life will come and go.  Only God knows her time, life is not date stamped and I can only base my plans on what may be expected.

okay so as the days go by,  I see her getting weaker and more content with the thought of leaving us behind.   she said shes not in pain anymore just tired!  we are spending as much time with her as we can! I love being around her.  Time is passing and getting harder for everyone!!!!!

I have not seen my grandma for a day, but the day after her surgery.  She was looking better.  She is still in a lot of pain if she does not take her medication. 

I'll be there today and I will update you on how she is feeling!


Today my abuela had another procedure today.  They removed the external drain finally!!!

Im headed to see her and get an update after work today!

I'll keep you all posted!



that was incredible!  I hope to have an as wonderful experience as you.  Today is a good day.  She is on lots of medication, but she seems like she is happy and enjoying the day.

Last night she had a sad moment and it was hard to see her go through that. 

Its like a roller coaster.

thanks for being a supportive outlet!


Thank you for that information.   Yesterday was a hard day for me to see my abuela in such a down state of mind.  she didnt smile very much and didn't laugh.    We are all getting together next week as a family.  it should be a bitter sweet time.  Part of me thinks that as she sees everyone and we all assure her that everything will be ok and that we ill be ok when she passes, the time may be closer than I want. 

I am trying to hope for the best but at this point its about managing pain and showing her comfort and support.

I have read the book given to me by hospice but are there any other specific signs we should be looking for?

thank you everyone


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there are many things on the feed that I can relate to.  My abuela is 82 and suffering from alot of the same symptoms.  my thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!

This is a recent issue! Its been happening the last 4 days, she was concerned the medicine but I was assuming it was part of the disease itself.  She has also been spitting up a lot of mucus and saliva for some time now.  We have called hospice and I'm sure they will getting back to us sometime today!


Thanks Marion!
I'll keep you all posted!

~deep breaths~

Yeah I will make sure that hospice knows.  We keep a pretty detailed log as to what her side effects are since we have such a large involved family.  I enjoy hearing things from your end.....   thank you

Thanks Byron
I love that I can be around her everyday.  Just noticing all the changes hurts me.  She's 82 and the happiest and most satisfied lady.  She has been working with hospice for one week.  The most current change is her vomiting, Could that be the medication or is it a symptom of the disease....?

my love and prayers go out to in this time of discovery!

Okay I will check her postings. 
As the days pass by, I realize how many little things are changing....  She does not want to go outside, she wants all the windows closed...  she gets aggravated really quickly...  Although she is still up when she can be..she is cooking and cleaning smile
I think the worst part of this is knowing the worse but not knowing the time line. 

We went to the Dr. today to followup on the metal stent procedure.  The doctor said there is not any direct blockage but there is still a problem with the drainage.  W e are to keep monitoring the bandages and flushing as needed.  We will go back and check in 7 days!


Yes, I have read the booklet for the second time this year.  I lost another loved one last year and the secondary trauma is insane.  I am indeed blessed to see her everyday!

Its just scary to think it could be as close as 3 months away. 

I will pick up some cream today!

Thank you