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Oooh Lainy, I will try the Carnation suggestion... See!! I benefit too! Thanks!


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I love that the moderators of this sight are so quick to respond and offer their knowledge, expertise and experience!!! Thank you!!!


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Hi Gornalgal,
  I am sorry you feel so alone! I have often felt that way too...it makes it more difficult!  When you are doing your research I think you will see in your research that the most pressing issue right now is to gain weight. Perhaps you  can enlist the aid of the advocates at the hospital for direction and insider tips on nutrition,  or the nurses, the AMA, etc... There really are people in the system who are there to guide you. Though this will appear as If I am making light, I am really not, I discovered that Oreo Cookie Blizzards and cheesecake helped me gain weight... Just keep looking for anything... Dont worry about a balanced diet. If he is able to start gaining weight he will start craving more.food. My heart aches for you both! I am 5'5 and had gotten down to just over 100 lbs.. I am much stronger now after my desserts at 117.5 lbs. It makes a huge difference in attitude, determination and strength to keep fighting!! Keep trying! Take good csre of yourself right now, you are loved and needed by your family! ; )


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I was diagnosed with intrahepatic as well. I was stage 4 at diagnosis and the tumor had become massive and involved most of my liver. Resection was not possible. A stent was put in and this helped relieve some symptoms including pain. I have a wonderful surgical oncologist and oncology team at OHSU in Portland, Oregon.  I am just a few days from completing palliative radiation. I have already gone through 8 weeks of chemo. More chemo is scheduled. Maintaining your healthiest weight possible is critical. I hope the best for all of you!!

I have strolled my way through this site a number of times but have only recently felt well enough, after attempted resection, chemo and radiation, to write. I am glad that so many are working to raise awareness on this "very resistent to treatment" cancer. Thank you for working on this! I join you now in this fight to get noticed, the fight for research!