we met with a radiation dr. in spokane yesterday and he was more encouraging.  wants to try 6 weeks of combined chemo pump and radiation.  he was a great dr. and gave us 2 + yrs. instead of 1 possible.  sjrogers

thanks again all.  he had his surgery 7 weeks ago now and after meeting with a nutritionist he is on some very high calorie drinks.  one has 570 caleries alone.  has helped alot.  they recommended he eat and drink every 2 hrs. small meals and he is.   we have had 2 opinions so far and very different.  we may need a new one and i will search for dr.s that specialize in the cholangiocarcinoma cancers and treatments.  we are in n. idaho if anyone has any recommendations and near to spokane wa. also.

thank you all for your comments and prayers and concerns.  we appreciate everything so much.  there is so much to learn.  charlie is healthy for his age, got thru the surgery fine, and not sure of the stage.  he did have cancer in 3 lymph nodes, had the bililary ducts removed and no other cancer seen.  lost a lot of weight but is gaining slowly now.  usually a very very active 83.  hates being so sick after surgery tho so decisions are hard right now.  sandy

hi, my 83 yr. old husband had a whipple surgery and lost alot of weight. he is having a hard time deciding whether to have the chemo and radiation and wondering if anyone can help us.  thanks   sandy rogers