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My husband was diagnosed 1 1/2 yrs ago and was told he could not have surgery due to the tumor being wrapped around the portal vein and into the liver. He has been on many series of chemo (gem/cispl) and  was doing well.  His blood markers are indicating the tumor is shrinking and Dr seems pleased. His last treament was end of July. He has been maintaining his weight, but has had diarehea and dehydr, bad cough, been on blood thinners as he has had 2 clots to the lungs. My concern  is he has a hard time walking due to leg pain, shortness of breathe and is always tired.   I am not sure if this is all part of the disease and if going back on the chemo is the best next step.  The family does not know what to expect as he is always tired and chooses not to get out of bed.
Any advice on what to expect or how to get him feeling better? When first diagnosed we were told 6mo to 1 yr?  It seems people are living much longer but confused about what to understand.....