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My mom was diagnosed with cc in January 2009 at the age of 82. She had a whipple procedure with no lymph node involvement and no need for chemo or radiation. I visited this website every day. Two or three times a day. I needed information. I needed to understand. I needed to hear from people who were or had been through this. Lucky for my family my mother recovered remarkable well. She spent some time in an after care facility but was able to attend my daughters graduation from college the summer of 2009.
But once again mother has a new tumor, lymph node and liver involvement and now at 85 she has decided to enter hospice.  I wanted my first post to be before she passed. I wanted to thank Lainy, Marions, and Gavin. I also love Mustangmort, MN, Dawn, Senaida, Hopeful Daughter and many many more. You all have comforted me, educated me, supported me and made me realize I'm not alone.
Thanks again to you ALL. You are an amazing group of people. Couldn't have made it through the last 2 1/2 years without you!!!