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I am so sorry for your loss.

My father passed away when I was 4 years old and it was very hard for my mother.

She had 4 young children so even though its hard now you have all those memories.

My thoughts are with you and your family

Thanks Marion


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Hello Jeff
I am so sorry



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I'm so sorry to hear about Lisa. My thoughts are with her family

I had never heard of  Cholangiocarcinoma until just recently



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Thank you for comments.

I will add information in the general section  at

"Metastatic cholangiocarcinoma with hepatic and nodal involvement"

about further information we get




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I also wonder if there is a Hereditary link.
Lisa I was interested in your comment

"My mother took DES when she was pregnant with me.  I wonder sometimes if that has anything to do with my cancer."

My close family member took medication to stop miscarriages which is believed to be DES but cannot confirm it.

I have a family member who passed away in March from cholangiocarcinoma.

and other family members have passed away due to other cancers.

I have often thought are these cancers connected in any way

Thank you to all for responses.

As we had never heard of  cholangiocarcinoma  we think that finding out more about this form of cancer would be good . Any research may or maynot connect the four close family members cancers which are

1  Melanoma - Ankle    We have applied for Death cert to see what was listed as cause of death 

2  Testicular Cancer (Medical records were obtained and T cell lymphoma was mentioned)

3  Lung which spread to brain (Believe Dr said it was adenocarcenoma that can occur in the lung of a non smoker as well)

This female was given drugs in the 1950's to prevent misscarriages. Could be DES but unable to get the medical records as they date too far back

4 Cholangiocarcinoma Female passed away March 2011

Could be all unrelated cancers but seeing cholangiocarcinoma is rare will be interesting to find out more on this and if the other 3 family members cancers are in anyway connected to Cholangiocarcinoma



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On doing a search on your forum I  came across this thread and I know who Jennifer was

She was a close family member who passed away in March 2011


On doing a search on the forum  I have found a posting by my family member.

Its in the new member posting from Jennifer

She was diagnosed in 2009 and passed away March 2011

Still would like additional  information on this form of cancer

Is it an unusal cancer?

There are cancers in the family that are different types of cancer

Curious if these cancers even though different are connected


I have  a family member pass away with

Metastatic cholangiocarcinoma with hepatic and nodal involvement

Would like to find out more about this