Hi Folks,
Sorry for replying back so late. I have responded to a few inquiries via email. I am glad to help anyone. If you dont get a response from me in 2-3 days then i suggest you send me an email via the messaging on this group.

My mom passed away on April 13 after recurrence of CC. She passed away peacefully as her palliative care was managed exceptionally well.
My family is very grateful to Dr Jagannath from Lilavati Hospital who successfully resected her liver that allowed her to survive 2.5 years more.


Hi Jyoti,
  Hope your brother is doing well and we wish him a speedy recovery.

I would recommend he see Dr Suresh Advani for a primary oncologist and Dr P Jagannath from Lilavati Hospital to check the possibility of surgery. Dr Jagannath operated on my mom last year for CC.

I wont spend time posting my experience but you can read details on my mother on this forum:
http://www.cholangiocarcinoma.org/punbb … hp?id=7092

We will keep your brother in our prayers.


Hi All,
  Thanks to all of you who have been sending emails inquiring about my mother's health. It has been 10 months since the life saving surgery my mother had last year. Last 10 months have been great and out of that for last 7 months or so my mother has started cooking and going to market for shopping. Since we both children are in the US, she is at home with my Dad and hence she has to manage the kitchen.

Her overall health is remarkable and very fit. We still see Dr Jagannath every 4 months for schedule checkup just as a proactive precaution. You are very welcome to contact me if you have any questions on my mothers case and how you could utilize our experience through the whole journey to benefit your loved ones.


My mom had sucessful surgery of hilar cholangiocarcinoma. Now I am hoping she can take proactive alternative medicine or other measures to avoid any recurrence of the cancer.

I am thinking of advising her to take PROTOCEL or WHEAT GERM EXTRACT (AVEMAR) to take regularly.

Has anyone tried these alternative medicines.


Hi Everyone,
  Thank you for the wishes. She was discharged yesterday from the hospital. Also the lab reports have come in negative. It says the cholangiocarcinoma was localized and lymph nodes were all negative.

It is good news and we are now going to discuss on the next course of action. BTW, she had metastasis to her breast and had undergone mastectomy 3 weeks ago.

So far things look very positive. I will be proactive and recommend her to see a medical oncologist soon to make sure that she is doing all necessary tests to ensure that cancer does not come back again.


There is a ray of hope on cholangiocarcinoma and I truly believe this as all doors were shut for us until the miracle surgery was performed on my Mom two weeks ago.

My mother diagnosed with Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma (common bile duct cancer) in the USA after she was hospitalised for obstructive jaundice. We consulted 4 HBP onco surgeons in the USA and all had concluded that her cancer cannot be resected by surgery. We were told that she had approx 6-8 months to live. Her cancer had also metastised to breast as well.

Hearing that she had 6-8 months left, I reached out to hand full of best surgeons in the world who have performed surgeries on cholangiocarcinoma. Finally shortlisted 4 HBP surgeons around the world who have performed these surgeries, whipple procedures, etc more than 200+ times and have been very successful. Here is where I came across Dr Jagannath from Lilavati Hospital. I moved my mom to India and got her to see him and his team in a hope for treatment.

My mom visited him and he performed all the tests along with CT scans, PET scans, etc. We were told that she is resectable and they would resect left lobe of the liver. Also during surgery if it was observed that her cancer has spread to right half of liver then they would close her back up and discontinue the operation.

Finally here is where we are today with my Mom successfully operated by Dr Jagannath and his team of 4 experienced surgeons. My mom is currently recovering today out of ICU and I believe that if anyone is out there who you should trust with Cholangiocarcinoma then I would definitely recommend Dr Jagannath from Lilavati.

We had no hope 3 weeks ago and now we are very proud of extra life that has been gifted to my mom. To all out there, I would definitely recommend visiting Dr Jagannath in Mumbai.