I too have been on DCA I found it be good except that because I'm so sensative to the acid part of it. That all my joints became inflammed. My naturopath took me off it.  As he said he has never had a patient react so dramatically though the contraindications state that this could happen,

Hi Helen,

I have taken the Natural pathway,  9 months down  the track still doing well accept when I have gone off the special diet.  I have had a few bad days.. I have learnt my lesson though STAY ON THE DIET take the medication and I will survive.

We all have to do what is right for us. For me its prayer, meditation. and natural therapies.

God bless and guide you on your journey.



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Hi Tiff,
No Chemo, surgeon said that it was only token chemo.
I was so ill back in Sept 2011 that I wouldn't have had it anyway ,didn't want to make myself any sicker. I have said though that after 6 months of my Nat. Therapies I would consider it if they weren't working.

I take Avemar and two different Milk thistle tabs, a mineral supplement in water, a memory enhancer, vit B6, B12 , Isowhey meal replacement in low fat milk for breakfast, no grains, no pork,  no processed meats, lots of fish, very little red meat, organic chicken, Turkey, every type of vegetable,  but mainly green vegies, salad vegies, nuts & seeds. I grow my own herbs.
So I feel I'm doing well. I do get a little board so try to invent new recipes.
Christmas has been hard, with all the chocs, and sweets. For me this is working. 
I have just changed GP's he has had other patients with this disease so he's on the ball.  Very approachable. While he's not into nat. therapies he said if its working for me do it!!

Cheers  Jilly


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Thanks Lainy

I have antibiotics to take if it gets worse but in 3-4 days should be doing ok again. I felt like this before I started my eating plan and I became well again then, so I should be ok. GP said that when the bile mixes with the food you eat it goes through a process and then gets re-absorbed back into the blood stream and goes through the liver process so the rubbish I have been eating should be the cause of these symptoms.  When I eat the right foods I never have this problem.

I have a positive attitude most of the time, sometimes I have meltdowns, but soon recover from them!!

Cheers Jilly


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Hi  Tiffany

My local Dr  and naturopath have sort of the same opinions elevated CA-19.9
can mean inflammatory problems with a stent and or infection or cancer growing.  The ok  level is 34 and under, mine is 560 and is going down at the moment but has gone up & down. It can go as high as 3000 or higher??.

My Dr & naturopath say the same thing don't worry about it. If mine was 84 I would be jumping for joy.  So try not to worry (easier said than done)

This is my understanding of it please someone correct me if I'm wrong??

Cheers  Jilly


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Hi all,

I have CC diagnosed 7th Sept,2011.  I have been doing natural therapies and eating a particular way for nearly 3 months and was doing well lots of energy, people say I look so much better now, than I did before doing the nat. therapies.  All my liver stats were nearly all in the normal range.
I decided to eat normally from 10th Dec. to see if I was doing the right thing. Well I am now feeling nauseated and slight pain and discomfort in my liver. I also had a blood tests done, my stats have dropped a little.  So today I am back on the natural therapies and eating plan that was making me look & feel 110%.
I probably should not have done this, BUT it shows me conclusively that what I am doing is the right thing for me.

I am amazed at the help & support that Americans have for this Illness. There is nothing at all in Australia or other parts of the world. Unitl I found this site I knew not alot about my illness. Keep up the good work .

Cheers Jilly

Hi All
I hope someone has some answers.

I am concerned at my hair loss, is this normal for CC patients. I have not had any chemo or radiation. Is this a side effect of the illness? Or is this a sign of
the CC getting worse?

cheers Jill

I was diagnosed in 1st week in September 2011. I was very jaundiced and tired, sleeping 3-4 hrs during the day. 

I was admitted to hospital and  had an external drain into a bag to see if liver was producing enough bile, it was!!  Resection Surgery was out of the question. My left liver lobe was shrunken to nothing, just like a very dried up piece of meat, right hand side was damaged and bile duct blocked with tumour.   I am not a transplant candidate, surgery was a 10-20% chance of survival which was not enough for me to even consider. I was offered a titanium stent which would be placed in the bile duct and attached into my duodenum. I opted for this as it would give me the chance to research other alternatives.  Also was offered chemo, which I was told was only token chemo???   I refused, didn’t want to damage my body anymore.

When in the first week of hospitalisation I put myself on to a Hep A  diet no fats no dairy & very little bread, lots of vegies and fresh fruit.  My surgeon said to me “you can eat anything you want don’t put yourself through this diet it won’t make any difference to the outcome.”  My liver blood pathology said  Bilirubin (bile) was 485, should be 8-15, iron level 1377,  so on it goes everything was extremely elevated.  I had blood tests almost every day in the 3 weeks in hospital.  The first day I asked my dr for a copy of the results, She said,  your liver stats will not come down.    I have copies of every blood test that was done and they all have been consistently coming down.  My Bile count came down 200 points in the first week after the stent operation. The Dr told me,  you will never get it down under a 100. The last day in hospital it was 55. It is now 11.
In  between all this I researched naturopath’s in the city area, I was so blessed to find this wonderful dedicated man called Wayne Reilly.  He had been a research scientist for the government  doing cancer research for 20 years and what he doesn’t know about cancer and the blood  is not worth knowing.  He turned to Natural Medicine 10 yrs ago.
I take a regime vitamins and minerals.  Also AVEMAR  a supplement that boosts the immune system and has cancer killing properties.  My diet consists of salads, vegies, fruit, small amounts of protein,  dandelion tea, seeds & nuts,  3 litres of water a day.   
After the three weeks in hospital I was allowed to leave. My last visit to the Dr was in a wheelchair as I couldn’t walk far YET!!   The dr took one look at me told me to get my affairs in order and to get some Palliative care.   I think she thought I was going to die very soon.
I came home the 2nd week in October.  My Gp (dr) looks after my bloods giving me 3 weekly tests all of my liver enzymes are within normal range, iron level has gone from 1377 to 310, bile is 11, of  the two cancer markers one is within normal range and the other has dropped from 750 to 467 in 3 weeks.
I am back to normal walking, swimming, enjoying life.

Cheers Jill

Hello All,

I'm Jill  and newly  diagnosed with CC 8 weeks ago.
I live in Qld Australia. I also like Elsie searched the net to find help with this C.  No help from any Drs, in OZ.     Thank god for American sites like this!!

The  left handside of my liver is none exsistent all dried up, the right handside had a blocked bile duct and CC around it & in it. I have a metal stent in and am doing well with it.   Dr said go home and get Palliative care and can't tell me how long I have?? Could be 1 yr some people 5 yrs. Also offered me Palliative  Chemo, Dr said that it really doesn't help with CC.
Not sure about this???? 

I am doing the natural thing, lots of pills & potions from my naturopath no carbs, no dairy and no fats.  I have no more pain in the liver,  lost 13 kilos (which I needed to do) .   The POSITIVE thing in all this is I have gone down 4 sizes in clothes  & its great shopping for clothes.   All my friends say I look healthy and well, so something must be working?  My Dr said my bilirubin which was 485 would not come below 100 as my liver was so bad last reading was 33 and it should be normal this next blood test. I would think its because of the healthy lifestyle I have embarked on.

I am looking forward to reading the posts and learning about CC from you all.

Cheers for now Jill