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I don't know what a person could say that would help one bit with the pain you must be feeling. I have watched Lauren's fight since the beginning as my husband was diagnosed around the same time. To your family and Gio may you one day find peace and accept that you did everything possible to give her the best chance.
Take care
Sue Ayers


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Praying this is the end of the nightmare and the start of the good dreams. You all deserve it and Lauren needs to get ready to wear that beautiful dress and start the rest of her life.

Could I send you the CT results or post them here? Would that help?
Thank you Lainy

New scan results are back and no talk of liver resection or missing stents. Will see the Dr next week to find out what they think happened.
I have a question from the CT though. It says the superficial lesion shows mild cortical retraction. Can someone explain what that means so we don't have to wait till Wednesday when we see the Dr.
It also says Again noted are numerous vague hypo attenuating focal lesions in the liver. It is difficult to compare the size due to its vague margins
If someone could explain these two things it would make for a great long weekend as the impression reads
Have to be happy with that after a 7 week breakl./


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Sorry I didn't reply right away but the ball is rolling again and hopfully in two weeks someone's head will roll when the Dr that dealt with us is back from holidays.
Finally after 8 cycles we got to see the oncologist again and it didn't take much for her to see what we were saying. She talked to a number of heads of departments and they have decided to rescan Darrell after the 22 and before he starts his third round of gem/cis
We will not have to pay. Right away she didn't see how both stents could be gone and the liver resection impossible.  She did say she is going to their department to insure it is Darrell's scan
Thanks very much for your words of wisdom I am still writing everything done and said and may send it in so maybe someone will find out why this GP dr is dealing with all this instead of the oncologist and maybe making the oncologist check the GP's work.


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Thank you we are actually sitting waiting to see the Dr and find out why he can't be rescanned. He never had a surgery and we are trying to get transferred to BC for the winter and really don't want the oncologists out there to think he has had a resection when he hasn't  I will post as soon as we see her


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My husband was diagnosed in Febuary 2011 with CC inoperable  and has been having chemo with gem/cis since April 2011. He has managed to keep the same number of tumors with some shrinkage
He recently had a scan that says his stents are gone and his liver has been resected. Neither of these two things has been done. We have tried to get them to rescan him as this does not sound like his scan but they say it's to soon. The Dr says its just the way the CT was taken, wouldn't you think they could see part of the liver they say has been resected
My question has anyone had their stents pass? Wouldn't you know it was happening. Five weeks before on another scan it talks about the stents being there. So can two fall out in five weeks?
We have no idea what another man was having CT but there were two Darrell's at the CT department at the same time. The person working there named them Darrell one and Darrell two, but like I said we have no idea what he was having scanned.  Thank you for any info you can give us.


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My husband Darrell did 8 cycles with 2 postponements from low counts. Two month break 5 tumors that had disappeared where back. Had one cycle then got day 1 of second cycle but day 8 blood counts to low so hoping next week to get back at it.


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Hi everyone
Darrell started back on chemo and had 2 weeks of treatment then his week off. Side effects were not to bad feelings of nausea but no throwing up or anything like that. Oh and he's tired. But one thing that has been gone for a long time and is now back is heartburn. Anyone have any idea why or suggestions on how to stop it. He has never taken anything for it because before he never got it that often and never had any trouble getting rid of it a couple tums and it was gone not so lucky any more. Thank you


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I think you are both doing great and should be proud of yourselves. The wanting the end is just because you care so much and don't want them to suffer. I find it is almost like your life is on hold. You need to take a little time for yourselves to. Stay strong.

Great news Pam Lauren is going to beat this. Have a safe trip


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Well Darrell is back at it again cycle 9 begins. To start they found 1 large tumor on one side and 5 little ones on the other. By the end of cycle 6 they didn't even talk about the little ones anymore they were gone.  The big one had shrunk so after cycle 8 a 2 month break. They CT scanned and the 5 are back one large enough to measure which they didn't first time but the big one is the same size. My question what is a Pet scan you all talk about. I have tried asking this Dr some questions about things I read here but he never seems to pay much attention. We were told they could only do palliative chemo but didnt have much chance. Darrell just kept saying no do chemo chemo and he sure showed them.  I can't get him to even think about going to get another opinion we have never even talked surgery or anything else.  Now the same chemo. I don't want to be left with what if's I want to try every possible thing we can. Any ideas on how I can open his eyes to other area's I would be grateful
Standing stronger everyday


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How..........absolutely beautiful. Words of lovers and loved
How lucky some of us are to get that second chance


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Thank you all I am sorry I sounded so weak yesterday it is just so hard to take in. We have been together over 30 years and I can count on one hand the number of times he has been sick with anything. He doesn't even get a cold or the flu. He had a blocked artery when he was 40 that they put in 2 stents and he went for a 6 week check and never went back. He is just never sick which makes it so hard. I have had a long list of medical problems and he has always taken care of me. But I know I have to step up to the plate and stop the poor me stuff and concentrate on keeping him healthy and with me. Sometimes a person needs a slight kick in the pants so thank you all. Keep him in your prayers and I will stop whining and concentrate on what needs to be done


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Tomorrow at 8:50 we finally get the results from
My husbands CT scan after his 2 month break from chemo
Has anyone ever had shrinkage continue during a break from chemo
I'm very scared to hear on 1/2 me and hopefull and excited on the other if
That makes sense.
Please pray for him tonight
Thank you all

Hope everything worked out Pam
Luv Sue

Hi there
I told my husband the other day we don't have enough things to laugh at so I started researching and today we went and picked up our little 2lb bundle of fun a little yorkie that my husband wanted to call Akita but as I was sitting here reading I thought a better name for her would be hope so inthe morning we will have a discussion and if he wants to keep it Akita ok but if not I would like to introduce the newest member of the Ayers team against CC HOPE

Tlsinftl hi
I am trying for the first time to see if something I know can help someone else.
My husband Darrell was diagnosed in Feb 2011 with 5 small tumors left lobe and one large one right side. He completed 8 cycles of gem/cis twenty one day cycle. Not sure if others had this because it sure was a concern for the nurses but Darrell received both drugs day 1 and day 8. The nurses were constantly trying to cancel his day 8 chemo saying his numbers were to low but for some reason ( we thought maybe because he was going to get a week off) the numbers could be lower on day 8. Not sure why and had to fight more then once to get the nurses to check again and they always came back shrugging their shoulders but giving him his chemo. Don't get me wrong every one of them was awesome they just had trouble understanding this. Anyways besides the first treatment after which Darrell was very Ill and ended up with a blood infection he handled it ok. We found as time went on the vomiting subsided and he began to eat and gain back about 25 of the 50 lbs he had lost. After a break after the 8 cycles He has gained all the weight back and has just had a CT scan to see where things are. During the chemo the 5 very small tumors disappeared and the large one had some shrinkage. Now we play the waiting game till the 18 th
There that was ok
Take care everyone and thank god for you and especially you Pamela you give me strength
Love to all


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Hi there
Today Darrell had a CT scan after a break from 8 cycles of chemo and I am terrified. I've been hiding out in other rooms crying as I listen to him call all his relatives to tell them we don't get results till the 18 th and why is that? It isbthe waiting that tears you apart. He was diagnosed last Febuary and has been doing fairly well the last little while. We took a trip from Alberta Canada to Yuma Arizona. We had a beautiful 25 th anniversary renewal that was totally wonderful and totally heartbreaking at the same time. I'm sorry I seem to be getting worse as time goes on.... I think it is because I am so afraid time will not go on....

It's nice to meet another caregiver here   You have a very special young lady and if anyone deserves a break it is her. When I told my husband about Lauren and her mom Pam he was at first very upset then very happy to see her results. I read the good ones to him all the time and I know it and everyone's prayers help. In april the Dr said that they would just keep my husband as comfortable as they could for the time he had and it was like he was deaf. He just kept saying to her when do we start chemo and it is jan and he is still here preparing for the next hill to climb. Give Lauren and her mom a hug for me and maybe we can help all of us caregivers support and beat this monster


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I am so happy for all of you. I remember
The first time they said Darrell's tumors had shrunk.  I found out you can lose it with tears of happiness. Thank you for your words and know you are also in my prayers


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I will pray and beg and plead for both of them Darrell has his scan the 10 th after his 8 cycle completed.
Love and strength to you Pam


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Not that I want to but I am trying after many months of lurking to introduce myself and my amazing fighter of a husband Darrell who became sick in Febuary which started us on this road of fighting this monster cholangiocarcinoma. I can't figure out how to get to the introduction posts for new members?