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Hi everyone. Has anyone had experience with taxol? My oncologist switched me due to nausea and pain I lost 30lbs! Apparently it's supposed to be easier on the stomach but I don't know how well taxol works for bile duct cance. Every site says it's good for breast cancer. Hopefully it will help. So tired of throwing up and being sick. I wish there was a cute for this illness.


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All my tests come back showing nothing. The ct scan showed very slight increasing but they are calling it stable and changing my chemo to taxol. I never heard of taxol for bile duct cancer. Apparently I'm gonna lose my eyebrows. sad I've just been so depressed so I had to take anti depressants. They work but wear off in the night and its so painfull I have to bring my pills everywhere. Sometimes I don't even get out of bed. We did a endoscopy so I'm waiting for results. But I know most of it is probably the cancer itself and not much can be done sometimes. Just have to get used to it I guess. We will see what the results say.


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Does anyone else get extreme back pain on the left side? I don't know what's causing it. The docs just keep changing my meds. Also extreme nausea to the point that I have to force myself to throw up to feel better. Or I just throw up on my own emerg just send me home or change my pills. I'm down to 82lbs I'm afraid to eat it wakes me up in my sleep I have to constantly spit causes I feel to throw up but I have no food in me to throw up. I'm so tired of feeling sick. I don't eat I can't sleep and all I do is cry cause it hurts so much. I'm afraid. I was in the hospital a week and they just sent me home. I've had to cancel two planned trips. They are changing me to taxol. I had to stop chemo two months and I'm still sick so it's not the chemo. I'm so frustrated. Sorry I know I should be gratefull but it hurts and they make me feel like I'm making it up. Saying im ot taking my meds right. I feel like a junkie


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I'm happy your daughter is doing okay she is around the same age as me I believe


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Hi just letting you know I'm going to the hospital tomorrow I know I talk to some of you about my concerns and you have all been helpful. I'm waiting for my parents to wake up to take me because its 4am. Last night I was having severe pain in my liver and I've been having trouble with my stool all week and nausea/pain all month. This week I noticed my stool to become very grey and everything I ate I was having stool trouble. Plus I get migraines everyday which also causes the nausea. I've also been very itchy past couple days my urine is clear and my eyes are not yellow but my liver has been feeling funny like its working extra hard. Last night I felt dizzy and like I was getting some random twitches which went away. I took my pain medication which helped the pain go away and I was home by myself so I couldn't go. I, wondering if my stent needs to be changed or if its something more serious. I've had my stent for about a year. I haven't really been throwing up anymore but I did throw up a couple times in my mouth and swallow it back down. I was supposed to have an oncology appointment on Tuesday so my parents kept telling me to wait as the pain was going away but it keeps coming back and I worry I'm taking to many pills for side effects. Figuring it is better to go to the hospital to be safe rather than wait and be sorry. Trying not to stress and make it worse. Hopefully they can figure out what's going on!

Thank you so much for your kind comments and suggestions! I wish I knew if the sickness was coming from chemo or the cancer itself! Hoping my next scan goes okay. *Hugs*

Thanks ill research it. I have a stent so I'm not sure if I will be able to get it done. They are even scared of changing my stent because of all the tumors. So far the blood work shows its been okay. At least the back pain went away. Well it comes at night sometimes. Every time I try to go to the hospital when I'm in pain crying they just give me pain killers and send me home. But those wear off eventually. I always ask to go when I'm that bad but my parents know they just send me home. Heating pads r my best friend right now. And my bed lol

Thanks for all your help its good to have people who talk to who understand, it feels like everybody just feels sorry n u don't wanna worry them. Or just don't care and only care about their life problems.

Thanks I'm trying to in the beginning I was so scared to throw up and the dry heaving but hopefully the pills start kicking in. Trying to get some ensure or glycerine but all the sure sometimes bothers my other stomach problems. Jello seems to be ok when I'm in the mood. They told me to try ice lol lies too but I'm worried about the sugar. Don't wanna worry about stool problems too. Lol those just come and go

Well my friend took it in fashion so she can teach me charm bracelets and pearls if I'm well enough! Yes they are good at trying to help I guess there's only so many pills  that could actually work. And I guess it takes time too.ditto on the small meals I eat out of the littlest bowls. Sometimes I take one whiff and I'm like no thanks lol. Makes u appreciate the times u actually can eat.


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I hope her recovery is ok smile

I go to symptoms management and they are good they just keep giving me more or different pills and then pills for side effects of the other pills i feel like a junkie! Sometimes I get a couple of hours a day where I get out of bed I actually so I have to force myself to get out and eat something before it comes back. Then I get scared its gonna come back!  Of course it doesn't help being allergic to 90 percent of foods lol. Such a struggle. I'm trying to learn how to make jewelry I hope it goes okay. smile seems easier than knitting. I only know like one stitch lol. The rest come too loose!

Hi I'm currently on xeloda. So up until about a month ago I have been doing ok. Normal side effects acid reflux hands foo, fatigue. Everything was manageable. My scans were good so they gave me a break. That's when everything went downhill. I've been sick in bed all day only recently forcing myself to eat the min I can. Got back up to 96 lbs. my last scans grew because of the break. I just finished an anti biotic. I'm on nabilone,dexamethasone,lorazepam for fear of nausea and anxiety, gravol sometimes works and ondansetron. Plus I'm back on chemo mon I hope it helps again.  Plus I take a patch on my arm for pain. And zopiclone for sleep which doesn't really work in spite of  all these pills I'm only now starting to be able to force food down. I just get so depressed and want to be in bed all the time with my heating pad. Sometimes I just lay crying for hrs. Only today n yesterday I was able for a couple hours to do yoga n jewelry making. What other hobbies do you guys have to keep your mind off stuff.

Knitting is a little hard it comes loose sometimes! And feeling like this makes it hard to concentrate properly. I have Netflix but Canadian Netflix sucks!  And only so many movies you can watch. I used to read before the migraines. I feel like I'm going crazy.

I miss school and my friends. Sometimes they just don't understand and when I cry I feel like m bothering them with my problems. I don't know who to talk to no one understands. Just been so scared.


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Thanks all my names Christine btw smile. Some of the symptoms died down with my week off. Pam I use bag balm for the hands and feet its a bit greasy and smelly but it helps and for nausea and reflux I notice if I eat really healthy and don't cheat that it helps a lot sometimes even just soup. Also when I have the energy I try to do a little bit on the treadmill or exercise at a low pace it really helps with digestion. Although sometimes we just feel like being in bed all day! I try to fight it when I can.


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They prescribed me a mouth wash. I hope it works cause half my face on the inside feels swollen! If it doesn't work I will try that one thank you


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Oh the over the counter is only for the yeast infection. All the other symptoms I have prescribed stuff. some work and some only just help but It could always be worse. I have another ct scan tomorrow so I hope it's good cause I'm tired of switching chemo! And thanks for the well wishes hope all is good! smile


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The first couple of weeks were okay but then I started to get bad acid reflux nausea loose stool stomach cramps yeast infections styes mouth sores. I feel like there's a new symptom every week and on topof the chemo I have to take all these extra pills for the side effects is this normal? Some people say they don't get many symptoms. But I don't want to switch chemo cause nothing is working and the only thing they have left for me is a clinical trial which I can't partake in because of my celiac disease! Does anyone else experience these symptoms? I took a pill for the yeast infection and it came back. I guess cause of the chemo it will keep coming back. I never read anywhere that yeast infections were a symptom of xeloda. I haven't been on antibiotics since may so its not that either. So uncomfortable my family doctor said just take over the counter stuff but it keeps coming back!


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Thanks For your answers i called and they said just to take pain killers until my appointment on the 18th it could be from the xeloda next week is my week off from the cycle so she said it should go away I hope so


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hi last month my scan results showed that my tumors have grown and new ones have come up in both myliver and lungs so I was put on xeloda. I've been on it for almost two weeks now and I've been okay sometimes I would have a sore throat/ feeling of a lump in my throat and mild pain in my stomach but it went away. sunday iit came back on and off with a burning sensation in my chest and throat the whole day I've never had thatbefore. It would come sometimes throughout the day but the burning sensation in my chest would stays or a while. I tried to drink tea and it burned my whole throat and was painfully to swallow down. When I woke up Monday I was fine but now today I have pain in my upper right quadrant a sharp pAin that gets stronger at times but seems to be always there. I don't like to complainer tell anyone unless it doesn't go away but after my rumors growing and sundays pain I'm scared that they are growing more. I don't have another scan or doctors appointment till October should I just serif it goes away or go in to the hospital. I'm just scared that if I don't say something it's gonna grow a lot more in the time I've watched people with cancer and have seen how fast it can grow in a month or a few months time.

I just came out of the hospital 10 days ago they said the fever was from an infection and gave me the antibiotics I only finished me yesterday morning at 8 so they might still be in me I don't have the fever anymore tho. They did all the scans and said they didn't know where the infection was.

So I just finished taking the last of my antibiotics yesterday and all day yesterday and today I have still had the bowel issues I have no more fever but I have incredible pain on the right side of my lower back and left side sometimes so much. I thought it was from lying down so long for the ten days I had to take my antibiotics but even though it feels sore it also feels like a throbbing pain. and I just threw up about 3 times which hasn't happened since the hospital and since it Was green I'm guessing it was bile i was throwing up. I lost 10 lbs from being sick from antibiotics. I have an appointment tomorrow with my oncologist so I'm not sure If I should go to emerge or wait to See her tomorrow. Is this just the antibiotics wearing off?


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So I was on cisplatian and Gemcitabin for a while now and my liver numbers were high my stent doesn't need to be changed as I have no jaundice. They said I was having problems excreting the chemo cause I have been taking it so long and gave me a 3 week break and said they are going to put me onlyon one drug instead of the two because Its hard on my liver. During the break I went to Florida to visit fam and came back with a high fever of 102 and was throwing up non stop so I went to the hospital. They told me I have an infection but they are not sure where and gave me antibiotics. The antibiotics seem to be making me very ill my fever has gone down I'm at home. Food seems to be not agreeing with me at all I get bad diharea pain in the bowels dizziness and headaches. I am hoping this is just the antibiotics and not the cancer. Has anyone had experiences with infections. Or is it a bad sign i am getting infections?


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yes the clinical trial is phase 1b i dont know the number my parents have the paper i just hope it works i don`t mind all the side effects as long as it works the most frustrating part is being on it waiting all that time and finding out its not working sad Was just curious if it worked for others but i guess everyone is different and won`t know untill the results come. I start on feb 9th! Is it true that after taking so much chemo all the time you get sick just from the chemo killing all the cells


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So after i found out cisplatin and gemzar wasnt working for me they are going to put me on xeloda and a new clinical trial which has never been used and has not been named yet it is just a number still. I am going to have to spend some nights in the hospital for observation of side effect of the new drug. I was told this only had 10% chance of working but all my options at this point have 10% chance of working. Has anyone been on xeloda and had any results with it? They also told me that after so much chemo i might start getting sick just from being on chemo for so long?

so i got my results from my cat scan my tumors in my lungs decreased by less than a mm but 3 or the tumors in my liver have increased by under a cm so now they want to either switch my chemo or do another biopsy of my liver and check to see which clinical trial can be used once they target the blood of the abnomal cell. has anyone ever done this? I was so sure the chemo was working but i guess not i was supposed to have 3 more months of gemcitabine/cisplatin but now i have to switch and start all over again. Was looking forward to the break after the 3 more months i had. sad The one in my bile duct is still the same and the other tumors and lymphnodes are the same no changes. i guess thats okay news.