Thank you for your advice and support. More than anything, answering to your questions cleared my mind. By the way, I am a daughter.

My mom has adecocarcinoma and the doctor said it is operable. She had a cardiac clearance also. We asked the doctor what would he do if it were his mother and he said he probably would be against the surgery. Her health conditions include hypertension, dementia with parkinsomism, and aspiration pneumonia due to disphagia. She is very weak and her mobility is very limited. She needs someone to be with her 24 hrs a day.

Anyway, mom wanted the surgery but my brother refused to sign the consent form for surgery. After that I had to justify myself for not taking any action against it, thus agreeing with his decision. While searching for information, I found this website. After reading Percy and Marions' comments about age shouldn't be the deciding factor, I thought hard about it and I think her general health rather than age was the deciding factor. Not honoring mom's desire and killing the possibility of her surviving this cancer is what I have to live with.

I went home this weekend and she seemed better. We played a card game we used to play when I was a kid and talked about this and that. One of my sisters who is living abroad is coming home with her family this week and she is looking forward to it.

We have hospice here in Korea we will keep her at home as long as possible. The doctor said she has about 3-12 months.
Thank you again and I will probably come with many more questions.

Hello, everyone. 
My mother was diagnosed with cc in November. She could have a surgery and she wanted to have the surgery but as she is 80 and not in good health, my brother opposed to the surgery strongly and she didn't get the surgery. I supported her desire to have the surgery but felt relieved when she didn't get the surgery even though I can't imagine my life without her. She got a metal stent implanted. She is home now but she is very depressed, and eats very little. How can I help her?