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Has anyone read the book by dr. aukerman at ohio state or visited him?

Overall and taken as a whole it is a lot to digest. But piece by piece you can see things that are chemically and biologically vetted. He is also a survivor.

I am still learning and don't want to misinform, so i won't paraphrase. 

(I was an avid Forks Over Knives vegetarian, but am pretty convinced that we're still on a information rollercoaster. We could and should simplify. check out the forks over knives rebuttal...
http://rawfoodsos.com/2011/09/22/forks- … -critique/ )

I post these because I think we need more science and less "research" and "studies" that are interpreted based on partial evidence.  And I hope people challenge me. And we find the truth (in which there will be differences for individuals).   

Best to you all for your support, honesty, efforts and flow of information.

Hi, Thanks for the welcome.
My wife is 43 and is part of a clinical trial using bevacizumab.
Treatment got moved up to 12/21, so that was good. Got a port put in yesterday, so we're hoping that helps.

Other drugs used are gemcitabine and capecitabine.

I will peek around some other forums.

Best to you all.

My wife was recently diagnosed. We are in central Ohio and are being seen at the James. They seem wonderful, but the concerning thing is the seeming slowness to get the chemo started. Is it normal to wait weeks?
Also, I am very interested in how diet and nutrition plays in. I have been trying to learn about genomic-specific nutrition plans with Dr. Aukerman.
This forum, and site, has been a source of much information and inspiration. I plan on being around to share an inspiring story for a while and hope we can contribute to many others.